Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Oh, How I Miss Thee...

Today we sent Gadget-daddy off to catch the train to the airport.

These were the signs that they boys miss their father without saying so:

As our car drove off from the train station,
Micah: Mommy, I want to go with Daddy.
Mommy: Sorry, darling. Not this trip. Daddy has to work and there's no one to take care of you.
Max: Are we going home now?
Mommy: No, we are sending koh-koh to school.

Before dinner,
Micah: Mommy, come take a video of me telling stories of my trains... (20 minutes later) Now put it on the internet for my friends to see.
Mommy: Sorry, darling. We will have to wait for Daddy to come back to do that. Mommy don't know how to do it.
Poor boy. Disappointed to have to wait a few days.

During dinner, grandpa made an exit to visit someone at the hospital. Hearing a sound at the door,
Max: Oh! Is that Daddy?
Mommy: No, darling. Daddy is away in the Philippines.
Resumes dinner with cartoon on TV.

Bed time,
Max: Mommy, I want to sleep here until Daddy comes back, ok? (crawls down to the mattress where Daddy sleep. Yes, our boys have taken over our bed*, but their days of bed domination are numbered.)
Micah: I also want to sleep down here.
So both the boys are sleeping on the floor tonight. Shall I take the bed for myself or move them up? Hmmm... Oh, If only Gadget-daddy is here to share the bed with me.

Of course, every time Gadget-daddy calls, Max will be the first one on the phone. Micah is not really the one to talk on the phone these days. But they sure miss their Daddy.

We all miss you, Daddy-O.

* We initially put Micah on the mattress on the floor, but that spot is right under the ceiling fan and he cried almost every nigh that he was feeling cold. So Daddy and Micah swapped place. Mommy is now on the bed with 2 boys.
On weekends, when Gadget-daddy is back, the parents will be on the floor, trying to get some cuddle time, until one of the boys cries and she will end up on the bed till daybreak. All kinds of movements through the night.
Our plan is to move them out to another room by year end before the next one comes to take a stake on our bed... Yeap. yet another.


milochel said...

aww.. i miss him too..

btw i didn't know you guys were engaged for 7 years ..

Ann said...

Hahaha....oh, kids dominating the bed...that could be one problem I never thought about!

Ling That's Me said...

Daddy is coming home this weekend right? hang on there kids! he will be home soon, in a blink of an eye.. :)

little prince's mummy said...

Wah~ miss daddy wor..

Moomykin said...


Well, 2 weeks from the time we courted, he asked me to marry him and I said yes. Guess that meant we were engaged, although we did not do anything formal.

So until the time we actually got married, it was about 8 years.



Oh, yeah. They do.

Gadget-daddy would have wanted them out of the room by 4 month old, but it was really not practical for breastfeeding, so we had to accommodate the kids. One after the other. Hahaha...

Moomykin said...


Thanks. We are holding it out. Times really flies because we are always looking forward to the weekends when he is back. Mommy and Daddy always counting the days.


little prince's mummy,

Yes. It's really amazing what Daddy can do for the boys.

When he is around he really makes all the effort to spend quality time with them. Mostly stuff that Mommy won't do, like play X-box games with them, take them running in the park etc. Even the way he settles their teeth-brushing and shower is really different.