Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Today: Almost Perfect Kids

It was unbelievable how almost prefect a day I had with the boys. They played together.


Not just side by side, not taking turns on a certain toy or the computer, but they were playing happily together.

Each boy had a car and they were doing a race together. They also did stunts, calling each other to check out a "stunt" the car could do in their hand, and sometimes they copied each other and sometimes they did the opposite. And they commended each other's "great feat"!!


They played for hours. Somewhere in between Micah came to me, gave me a hug and said,
"You were right, Mom. It's so much better playing together."
Then Max came close to me, grinning from ear to ear,
"Koh-koh (older brother) is sharing with me."
I gave him a hug and he want back to play.

Then they went to the other room and played with trains TOGETHER!!

There was one dispute, which I then went to investigate (was folding the clothes in our room) and Micah apologised immediately for crashing his brother's train, but that was it.

Then we spent a bit of time watching TV (Bob the Builder) while the boys took their dinner.

After that they washed up (a little protest and dawdling from both boys) and Micah asked for milk. He fell asleep on the couch at 7.30pm (did not nap today).

Max stayed up till 10.30 (he napped). He watched some cars kind of video on YouTube, then watched a few parts of Ant Bully (a few times over), went down and asked grandpa for a snack, came back, brushed his teeth and then had nan-nan and fell asleep.

Oh, if only there were more days like this!!
I hardly had to raise my voice.
Oh, I so love it like this!

On Mommy's side:

The snag I had was after both the boys slept, I felt like having KFC's coleslaw. I went to check our fridge for some lettuce and tomatoes but found none. So I thought I'd change quickly and run out for a coleslaw.

After I changed, I noticed it was almost 11pm. So went online to check for 24 hours' KFC. The closest to me was a 15 minutes drive away with no traffic, and having to pass a toll. Just as I decided I'd take a chance, with both boys asleep, Gadget-daddy called from Jakarta. We chatted about our day and I told him of my craving and attempt for a snack.

Too far, he said. How about tomorrow?

I believe men will never fully understand the word craving.

So I agreed not to go. Ended out talk, and went back to our kitchen again. This time I looked more carefully at the vegetable drawer. Found a small bulb of cabbage and some carrots. Good for a coleslaw. So that was dinner/supper.

The coleslaw was simple, refreshing and yummy.
Hmmm... now I am contemplating if I should go for another round...

Oh, well. Till I decide, Good night.


Cuddly Family said...

isnt it a blessing when they just work together so nicely and behaved like little dears??

am having a headache with j1 now sigh.. will blog about it soon..

Ann said...

Hahaha....a good day and a satisfying end!

Thank God for cooperative kids, sharp eyes and mayo!

JLow said...

One word: JEALOUS!

Moomykin said...


Hey, was just thinking bout you.
Benn looking up your blog the last few days.

Hope to get some news. :)



Yes, Thank God indeed.

There are sometimes simply blissful days. Rare, but there are.

Moomykin said...


Well, when Caleb is a little older your kids might have some good fun together too, especially seeing your girl is such a sweety. :)

YoU'll NeVeR WaLk AloNe said...

hehehe..I totally agree it's so sweet to see our kids playing together harmony.

My kids fight all the time too! :D

- Ling

Moomykin said...


Thank you for dropping by.

Kids are just like that aren't they?

I remember my sisters and I would fight all the time too, but we are very close now.

With my brothers, we were a little different. Now also not so close.