Saturday, 11 October 2008

Might As Well

My family have this thing about trying to do as many things along the same line as possible.

It is a phrase called "soon-sau" in Cantonese, meaning "along the flow of the hand".

For example, if we were going down town to the market, my mom will bring along her utility bills to pay at the post office near where we park the car. It's also at this time she will call a friend if she wants fresh eggs from a certain egg seller. Sometimes, on the way back, we will do a short detour to get nice egg tarts from a certain pastry shop famous for their egg tarts and puffs.

The same rule runs in the house. If you're heading to the kitchen we pick up cups and dishes that needs to be washed. Sometimes, along the way, we will pick up crumbs of tissues dropped by the kids. Similarly, a quick stop is made on the track to the kitchen to wipe a spill on the floor along the path.

Gadget-daddy's brain, when it comes to chores or running errands, is not wired this way. He is "very focused" and will only think of the one thing that needs to be done and go do it.
Need to go down to the bank to drop off a check.
That's it.
I wonder why he does not think of making another drop off at the same area of town, or if you're heading to your office, you could also, along the way, drop by the mall and get "that" birthday gift.

Or, since you're already in town, why not just have lunch at this place good for steam fish then head home (he'd just think of something simple to take away near by our place).

I am sure this has all to do with the way our own family functioned... maybe also a little bit of gender bias-ness. As in the way our brains are wired and how boys and girls have been brought up differently - to look out for things that needs to be done, and what is expected of you.

I remember my mom would call out,
"Don't just walk past that paper on the floor. Pick it up."
"Since you're washing up your cup, might as well wash up the other two in the sink too."
"Since you're already dirty, might as well come help move this flower pot before you wash up."

Gadget-daddy's probably never got such reminders hollered at him umpteen times till it's ingrained into the system.

I think this explains why sometimes it takes me longer to get from point A to B, which would be a little agitating to Gadget-daddy.

And sometimes I just can't understand why he does not get D and E done on the list when it's just "right beside" A, B and C.


The good thing I suppose is that neither of us are very insistent on how things should be done, and really give way to each other's weaknesses/ differences.

So we might have to go down an extra trip down town tomorrow. OK... guess that'll give us something to do.

So we are delayed a little in going out, but at least when we get back, the room is not a mess or the laundry will be ready for the trip tomorrow.

Well, folks. Have a good weekend.


U.Lee said...

Hi Moomy, ha ha, thats what I call good thinking, planning. Kill three birds one stone, ha ha.
My wife and I too will write down what we need before going out, as gas is expensive now to make extra trips....
You have a great week, best regards, Lee.

Ann said...

I think it is gender related! MOST women I know (esp mothers) work the way you have mentioned.

But you are right...good for couples to work around each other's 'way' rahter than have expectations that will never be met.

JLow said...

I too make a list of stuff I need, and I also try to maximise wherever I am, barring prior appointments that I may be late for.

But these tend to be when I am out of the house. Sure, if I see something at home that needs to be picked up I would, but that "operation mode" is less so at home than when I am out involving a car ride.

Like on weekends when I am out getting take-away for lunch, I may also stop by the nearby supermarket and get some milk etc, even when there is still some milk left (that may finish in, say, 2 days).

Moomykin said...


Yes, saving time, fuel and energy is the way to go. Kill more than a bird with one stone. :)



I guess we all multi-task in different ways, huh?

Yes. Being not too uptight about things really makes living together easier and happier. :)

Moomykin said...


Sometimes I find that Gadget-daddy is really super efficient at his job...but maybe that leaves less brain space for his personal stuff.

But both of us are the same, sometimes rally absent-minded. It's like we have a "black-out" spell for a second and then we will go scrambling for a misplaced purse or wallet or keys.
I always say our brains are ever pre-occupied with other stuff. :D

little prince's mummy said...

Great planning~~~~~~ Won't miss out a thing!
Got an award for u:

Moomykin said...

little prince's mummy,

Thanks. :)

Wow, what an honor.