Monday, 27 October 2008

Play Till They Drop

Kids are just so energetic. And They will play till the last drop of their energy.

My sister came by early yesterday and spent the whole evening with the boys till my mom and brother came by after dinner and they left about 11pm.

While Max had napped in the afternoon just before lunch, Micah napped after. So both boys had quite a bit of personal time with their Ee-Ee.

By evening, about 9pm, Max was already feeling a little tired. Came to me to ask to nurse, but then got distracted and ran off to do something with his brother. He actually came by a few times, while Ee-Ee and I were actually watching Amelie (the French movie), while I sat with both the grandmas to chat, while I sat with my bro and sis talking about food at the dining table.

Max's distractions were:
Cars, playing and racing them with his brother;
Playing with the uncooked pasta, doing pouring and scooping with his brother, using small tractors and lorries;
Jumping and rolling around the floor with his brother, pretending to be Ninjas like in Daddy's game (sigh... so this bit play-fighting has started...)
Went out to the back to look at some kittens with his brother while the grandmas were looking at some herbs;
Eating banana cake and muruku with his Ee-Ee;
Studying a Thomas and Friends' catalog with me, and showing the ones he likes to his Ee-Ee.

Finally, my mom and siblings left and Max came up to the room with me. I got him to brush his teeth and get into his pj before he crashed on the bed. He asked to nurse and within 2 minutes he was in dreamland.

Then I had some time with Micah and got him settled into bed too. They just want to play till they are completely drained. Then they will sleep.


milochel said...


They really can play.. Thanks for the lunch that day.. It was scrumpilicious! :) Hmm oh ya.. gotta ask kaiye to send me the photos of us :)

Ann said...

Yes, all the fun till they HAVE TO sleep!

Good ol days no?

Now, we can't wait to crawl into bed!

A gift from God said...

We are finding it hard to keep up with Reese... hehehe...

hissychick said...

E is another one who keeps going until she drops. Hooray for breastfeeding and its magical sleep inducing qualities.

I don't know how you deal with post 8pm bedtimes though, that's the time we have our two tucked in for the night and that's considered late for littlies here in OZ!

little prince's mummy said...

Kids r energetic, mummy hv to b energetic also... in order to keep an eye on the kiddos.. haha~

Moomykin said...


Yeah, you have not seen how "crazy" they can be at play yet.

It was our pleasure to take you for your birthday lunch.



sometimes when I am so tired, I'd be desperately trying to get them to sleep...but the fact is, if it's not for school I'd just let them play till they drop.

Of course the set back could be bad dreams due to too much play before bed.

Moomykin said...

a gift from god,

Your boy is at an age that is hardest, when they are so energetic and need constant attention. When they are at an older age and can entertain themselves, it becomes a little more relaxed... for the parents that is.



It's really amazing how the baby will just slip into dreamland in no time when latched on to Mommy. Are we some kind of dreamland portals, you think? Lol.

I understand from a friend in Sydney that they too sleep like at 7pm. Well, I think it's really a cultural thing. For some of us, 8pm is when we are just starting on our dinner.

My kids used to sleep like 11pm or later, before Micah started school. Now we are improving.

Moomykin said...

little prince's mummy,

Yes. Not just to have the energy to keep up with them physically, but also to work the brain extra hard on how to entertain and educate them.