Thursday, 27 November 2008

Adventures With Daddy- Part 1.

A few nights a go, Gadget-daddy took the boys out on a night walk. Each one armed with a torch light and with long pants on, in case of pesky mozzies, they took a walk to the playground.

It is the familiar path they usually take in the evening, about 1.7km* from the house to where I usually pick them up.

So when I picked them up at the same spot, they were delighted and had loads to tell me.

"Mom, we heard the crickets, you know, but we could not see where they were hiding."

"Mom, we saw our old frogs**. They have grown and they giggled when we shined our torch lights on them. There were two of them."

"My pants are a little bit wet. I splashed into a puddle."

"My pants are a little bit wet. I sat on a wet spot."

I'm sure the experience of walking though a park in the night was really enthralling for the boys. Well, these are the things that I am glad Gadget-daddy was around to do with the boys.

Just waiting till they are old enough to go camping out in the open in a tent. I'm sure that would be really fun too.

* 1.7km: This is an accurate measurement by Gadget-daddy's latest gadget, the iPhone, which has GPS and this thing that measures how far you've traveled and can also indicate your speed by foot, etc.

** The frogs: A couple of weeks before school ended I bought Micah's class a couple of froglets - those tadpoles almost a full-grown frogs with a bit of a tail left. At the end of the week we took them back and later in the evening we went to the park to let them go at a pond.
Unknown to the boys, but Grandma and I saw, one was very quickly snapped up by a crow, and another was dragged to the bottom of the pond by a fish. Sad endings which we saved the boys from.
We actually went and bought two more the following week but this time we let them out in our backyard. Soon after that we had to go out and we never saw them again. Hopefully this time they had a longer lifespan on their own. Who knows where these two are now.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mommy, it is good for kids to experience such outings.
Next have them take up fishing. I took my kid fishing when he was 5...and from that day, it became his favorite well camping too.
Best regards, Lee.

little prince's mummy said...

A tag for u:

Moomykin said...

uncle lee,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Fishing is good for learning to be quiet and patient too. Just dunno if my boys can handle that. these days kids wants everything NOW!!


Have a good weekend, UL.

Moomykin said...

little prince's mummy,

Thanks. Will check it out.

Ann said... cool and exotic and mysterious! It's great that daddy's back ya!

Moomykin said...


Yeah. It's so much more fun when Gadget-daddy's around, especially for the boys to do fun things out of the house.

Oh, we so need a Daddy for the kids.