Monday, 3 November 2008

Coming Out Of My Grief

Loss of A Child

When you lose a child,
You lose a limb;
You lose a chunk of your heart-
You lose control of your whole being
and feel like you're going insane-
Because of the loss of a child.

Like a jig-saw puzzle with missing pieces,
The picture can never be completed;
Like a shattered mirror
That cannot be glued back together,
Like a compass
That has lost its needle,
There is just no replacement
For such a loss
As a loss of a child.

What would ice-cream be like
If there were no taste-buds on the tongue?
What would velvet be like
If all our sensory nerves were numb?
What would a rainbow be
If one cannot see light?
Some things just cannot be described -
Like the loss of a child.

Yet you need to function still,
With such pain,
For there are still others
Whose life revolve around you -
And you need to still
Hold it together.
Yes, Brain, hold it together,
Be careful, Heart, not to build walls of fear.

Time and seasons still moves on:
There will be beautiful days,
There will be gloomy days,
There will be days of hope
And days of anguish.
We carry on,
We carry on,
As we carry in our heart
The loss of a child.


hissychick said...

No words, just tears...

Ann said...

No matter how naughty they can get...*sob*....

I just thank God they have 'only' just been returned to sender...

Moomykin said...

Yes, no words.
Just tears.
And in our darkest hours it is only God who walks with us and sees the extent of the pain and sorrow in our hearts.