Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Holiday - So Far

This week we have kept ourselves well entertained.

On Monday we stayed home. Later in the afternoon, Gadget-daddy and Mommy went out to run an errand. After the errand, we went to catch a movie: 007, Quantum of Solace. So it was our holiday. :)

On Tuesday Gadget-daddy went to the office so the boys and Mommy and grandma went to the market down in town for noodles. It was an outing Micah had missed since he started school. We used to go there once a week and visit this place with an old fire engine on display, but they have recently removed it. There was also a shop selling lamp shades which has an attraction for the boys: They have their pet turtles and terrapins in some of their ceramic pots. So it was again a rekindling of friendship for Micah and the reptiles, as well as the shop owners.

On Wednesday we went to the Science Center, mainly because our books were due and we went to pick up some new books. The boys have so far enjoyed three of the nine book: One on Trains, one a picture book on the alphabet and one on cars.

Tomorrow we are going swimming with a friend and kids at her condo. She's getting noodles for lunch, much to my boys' delight. I have promised to being some chicken nuggets. I think this is more for Mommy to meet and old schoolmate as well.

Friday, open for the moment. Might head to a shopping mall to pick out a specific Christmas card.

Saturday, we have a movie date with a few friends. We are going to "move it, move it" for the Madagascar 2!! Oh! Can't wait for it. We all love those crazy animals.

Sunday, we have a birthday party!!

That's what we've been up to, and our line up for the rest of week.


mumsgather said...

We already move it, move it, move it. Fast hor. Hahaha.

Mummy-yeoh said...

Its so nice to be able to spend time with your kids. Have fun :)

Moomykin said...


Hubby took our older boy to see first round last Friday while I was busy helping a friend to prepare for a wedding and the second boy was having his nap.

So this Saturday will be round two for these two guys, but still good as we are going with friends. More fun.

Moomykin said...


Yes, always treasure the time we have, little or a lot... busy or lazy. Time spent bonding with our little ones is so precious.

hissychick said...

That sounds like a fabulous week. I always find time with the kids to be much more enjoyable when we are out and about rather than stuck at home with the never ending and interminable housework.

And I wonder why mr hissychick is always joking about me being a latte mummy!

Ann said...

Ooohhh....all planned out!

Makes you feel better now ya!

I am so DOWN with work! The year end....sigh....

TripleJin said...

wah...hv a grand time! our hols here start only around xmas.

by then, everyone would shut down and go jolly jolly.. real xmas n new year party mood here!


little prince's mummy said...

My hubby bought dvd for this movie... My boy so like it!~ But he cannot concentrate finish watch the whole movie though.. hahaha

Moomykin said...


I know... it's the change of environment that excites all our senses... the home to rest in the nest.

I too need to get out most of the days.. kinda helps to pass time with the kids too, and I mean good time and happy times. :)



thanks. I know...

I hope you're doing better... hang in there. Just a while more till Christmas!

Moomykin said...


Well, at least you'll still run on routine for a while and don't have to crack your head on how ti have good and productive times with your kids when they are out of school. :)

Hope you'll have a great Christmas bash!

Moomykin said...

little prince's mummy,

Oh, It's normal for them not to want to follow a show at this age. Don't worry. It's good. At least they aren't Tv addict... yet!

Mummy and daddy can enjoy the show!! :D