Saturday, 29 November 2008

Adventures With Daddy- Part 2.

It was a rainy evening.

Gadget-daddy still felt like it was good to take his son out.
So we got out the umbrellas, and Gadget-daddy got his poncho on.

The we decided to get Micah a make-shift raincoat - by using a garbage bag.

Just as they were getting ready to go out, Max woke up from his nap. Mommy figured he was not warmed-up yet to be taking a walk in the rain, so off went Daddy and Micah.

Just one minute after they had set off, Max started crying wanting Daddy and koh-koh. When he found out that they had "gone out for a little while", he insisted he wanted to go with them.

So a phone call and another plastic bag and a smaller umbrella got him set for an adventure too.

The three guys went off walking in the rain with an umbrella each.
(Of course grandma was not at all pleased with our idea of fun, fearing they might catch a cold.)

Mommy went to pick them up mid way from the usual pick-up spot with a tumbler of hot milo.

Gadget-daddy drove slowly all the way back while the boys enjoyed their hot drinks in the car.

Quite a fun rainy afternoon for all.

All set for a walk in the rain.


Ann said...

Oh, can imagine grandma!!!

I would NEVER have been abel to do that with my son if grandma was around!

At any rate, sure looked like fun! Bet you would have loved to join them too splashing in puddles and just enjoying the rain!

Moomykin said...


Playing in rain has always been fun even for us, but I know it is actually not the best thing for health.

Just glad so far the boys never asked for it again.