Friday, 7 November 2008

Delicous+ Nerve Wrecking Afternoon.

Oh, I can't take the boys to the mall anymore.
It's just too crazy for me to do it unless Gadget-daddy and another light-footed adult is with us.

After school we went to Midvalley for a bit.

We had a few things no the to-do list, but as we were heading to different shops for what we needed, the boys were running like mad all over the mall.

I was really at my nerve's end:
not being able to catch up with them (not exactly in a running condition) left me walking as fast as I could, breathing hard and my hands and feet started sweating - more out of fear and anxiety rather than the exercise.
I was telling myself: No more. No more going to the mall... Not on my own for sure.
I felt like a nervous wreck.

It was crowded (lunch hour) and the boys were zipping about between the crowd.
I can't stand it when I lose sight of them, and it aggravates me when they almost bump into the people towering over them.

(Micah, at almost 2, had this incident where he ran into a lady causing her to trip and all over him, almost completely on top of him and she ripped her skirt! What an incident!!)

Anyway, our errands:

1. We had to get Micah a certain shirt for his kindy concert - they are doing a song and dance for the year end Christmas party. Our first two choices did not have his size - one too big, and the other too small. So we settled for something of a third choice.

2. I had already mentioned wanting to try out the Paddington Pancake place the night before. So after we got the shirt, we headed there for lunch.

(There was a no.3 on the list but I forgot: was suppose to get some Christmas candy canes from Cold Storage... so we have to make another trip this weekend.)

Here was where we had two pleasant surprises.

First, when we got to the shop, while waiting to be seated, who turned up to greet us was none other than my sis. She was there for lunch with her boss and a mutual friend. The boys were sure excited.

Second, as we were half way through our lunch, who should walk in, but Mummy-yeoh, with her little girl, and her sister and her little boy. They joined us at our table. That was good for us to do a bit of catching up.

After that we headed home. They boys fell aasleep in the car.

Pretty much a good Friday... except for the stress on my nerves.

p/s- Photos on the food coming up soon. :)


Ann said...

Oooohhh.....reminds me of the Spore incident!!!

But bless their courage even in crowded places!

But the accident you mention is one rather 'scared for other party' feeling!

TripleJin said...

Do not worry.. Boys are trainable (bribeable) WAKAKAKAAKAKAKAK!!

I trained my boys to hold each side of the stroller. Cannot let go..or no "whatever-the-bribe" is..



Moomykin said...


I wouldn't call that courage, but rather ignorance. Sigh...

I really rather put them on a "leash" but their Daddy thinks it looks bad. I'd rather they be safe than look cool but get into trouble.

Yes, bad for them to run in the malls actually.

Moomykin said...


My older one is now more able to make bargains, but will forget in 2 minutes and need constant reminder.

I can't even get them to hold my hand and walk now. I don't know about holding the stroller when the next one comes.