Sunday, 9 November 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

So if you were to ask,
When is the littlest one inside mommy most excited?

Answer: When Mommy's watching Speed Racer with his brothers!

Every time I sit and watch Speed Racer* with one or both of the boys , I get a load of bumps inside me.

Boys and cars...

* It's been a week now since we bought 2 new shows for the boys:
Speed Racer and Madagascar (to prep them for Madagascar 2!!)
and they have been watching these two almost everyday. Mostly just demanding certain scenes that they find exciting or most funny.

They also repeat dialogues of parts of the show to everyone else who talks to them, regardless of whether they know what the boys are saying or not. Then they will burst into laughter and say, "So funny."

They sure know how to entertain themselves... and confuse others.


Ann said...

Yes, boys and cars....and one day it will be men and football !

but sometimes the equation does take a turn....

At least the little one is responding very well to external stimuli. And now you know what will keep all 3 boys occupied no?

TripleJin said... don't say!

My No.2 is singing, "Go see-peed racer, go see-peed racer, GO!!!!"...all the time.

Yes... See - Peed.

No.3? Wakakakaakak... he'll just be as noisy! You wait!


little prince's mummy said...

Have an award for u:

Moomykin said...


Boys and their toys. :)

I always say, at least they are not really into guns and kung-fu, etc. Not so violent... yet. Phew.

At least I know they will all be playing with the same toys for a long time. Get our money's worth. Hahaha...

Moomykin said...


It's must be a racket with 3 boys under the roof! Hahahah...

Now when they play pretend, my boys take turns to be Speed Racer of Racer X. Cool when they play together.

Moomykin said...

little prince's mummy,

Thank you. Will go check it out.

mumsgather said...

Yes, its great when you see the siblings play, they can really entertain themselves the way that we parents sometimes cannot do with them.

Moomykin said...


Yes. It's amazing how a sibling can enrich your life, in good times and in tough times.

The two boys play and fight all the time. They are learning a lot about dealing with competition and negotiation. :)