Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A Time To Heal

Time heals all wounds.
It's just that some wounds take more time than others to heal.

Scars tell the tales of pain and loss.
Some scars will always stir in us a sadness in the heart.

Today, my friend messaged me to help her remember her child.
She will blog as a record for herself and her family.
I read her latest post on Matthew.
I am sure there will be more to come.
Two and a half years of all sorts of memories.
Every single day was precious.
Some, I am sure, that words would fail to capture because it can only be felt in the heart.
Some, words would fail to capture the magic and chemistry of a moment when some things clicked.

Another friend sent me this article and it talks about coping with loss. It was really helpful.

Remembering the ones we have lost helps the healing.
Crying helps the healing.
The need to grieve and then to walk on in our own journey on this earth helps to heal.

On a more personal note,
My father has passed away 7 years and there are moments I still miss him and shed a tear - especially when I think of the loss on the part of my boys never knowing such a wonderful man.

So time will heal... eventually.
Meanwhile, we desperately try to keep a record of the ones we love,
because time also makes us forget...
For better, for worse.

P/s - Sorry for not visiting your corners of the world.
Part of my coping mechanism is to spend more time with my boys and less on the computer.
If we are on the computer, I am with the boys looking at what they like and being with them.
Have a good week.


Ann said...

A lot of time, more strength and some tears.

Thank God we know of a better place after death. Reckon that makes acceptance and letting go easier....

Moomykin said...


I always felt that the one dying is easier than those left behind.

TripleJin said...

I came by via MG's blog.

Words cannot describe my feelings. Thanks for this wakeup call.


Moomykin said...


Thank you for dropping by.

Yes, it is a call to cherish the ones we love and not to take them for granted.

Some sad and tragic stories hits us hard, and some hits us harder still.
The hardest is when it happens to someone close to us. Can't imagine if it is us...