Saturday, 15 November 2008

Morning Warmies

Gadget-daddy has a morning thing with the boys. He calls it the H2K.

Every morning he would say to each of the boys... Where is my H2K?
Hug + 2Kkisses.

The boys would each climb on his chest (he 's usually still in bed himself while the boys are already up and about) and they would give him a peck on each cheek. Then it's his turn to return them.

This morning Micah woke up first.
The first thing he asked me what did I dream about.
I told him it was about our family including my mom, both my sisters and nephew and niece on a tour bus going around Penang!
Later I recalled the dream a little better and told Gadget-daddy that it included his friend on our family holiday.
Haha. How about that for a family holiday trip?
Maybe Mommy's brain is working overtime about what to do for this holiday.

Micah said he dream of school and playing a fun game with his friends.
Asked him, " so you miss school already?"
He said, "Yeah. I have fun in school..."

Funny, eh? All the time not wanting to go to school, and now missing it. :)

Well, gotta get ready to go swimming now.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Ann said...

So glad that he is enjoying school now!

Hope studying would always be associated with fun!

Moomykin said...


Thanks. I hope so too...

My hope for him, as far as school goes, is that it'll be friends and extra curriculum that would be an enriching experience, even if actual teaching is some what down the drain. That we can supplement at home, but chemistry with people is irreplaceable.

So you can see, we have kinda decided he'd be heading for a regular government school.