Sunday, 23 November 2008

Three Boys and Cars

Nope, not Gadget-daddy and the two boys, but rather, both the boys and their baby brother.

Yesterday night, Max and Micah had decided it was time to get their baby brother, though still in Mommy's womb, to play cars together.

Max: Here, Baby. This car is for you.
(places a car on top of Mommy's belly.

Micah joined in: Here's another one for you , Baby.
(Starts rolling a toy car over the belly and both giggled.)

Then they took turns blowing raspberries on Mommy's belly to tickle their brother.

Looks like they can't wait for another one to play with and do car races with.

Does everything took too "set"?


milochel said...

How does baby boy feel when the koh kohs blow raspberries at him ??

hissychick said...

Those photos are just gorgeous :)

Ann said...

hahaha....that's sweet.

It's so great.

Moomykin said...


Well, the baby boys probably feels some ripples, but Mommy's sure getting the giggles!!




Thanks. The boys are actually quite excited right now, though I don't know how Max will take it when the baby actually arrives.

Micah was all excited too, when we were expecting Max, but the first two weeks he'd always scream when he sees me nursing Max, especially in the middle of the night. That was so tough and we had to pep-talk he a lot. After that he was OK.

TripleJin said...

Heheheh... uber cool! mom's a race track!

I think Max shud be alright...but do give him his special attention.

My NO.3 is already 'scolding' No.2 for taking his toys! Super duper hilarious!


Moomykin said...



Yeah, the boys can really come up with funny and amusing ideas when it comes to play, especially when it comes to cars.

Well, I do hope Max will be a good gib bro. He is a very sweet boy but can be so headstrong at times.