Friday, 9 January 2009

Back To School

Today was the second day of school.

Max still cries when he discovers that I have disappeared after a few minutes of him stepping into class.

At the end when he is let out of class, he greets me with the saddest pout before bursting in to a heart-wrenching bawl. But the bawling stops quite easily when he gets distracted.

The teacher says he's doing well for a first timer.
In between he is quite alright.
Seems he cries now and then because he misses Mommy.
His favourite time is snack time.
I have also been told by the teacher that Micah has been a good big brother.
He tries to comfort his brother.

Even in the car on the way back today, just the boys and I, Max told me that
"Koh-koh takes care of me."

So I asked, "What does he do to take care of you?"

"He does this... (puts a hand over his mouth) to stop me from crying."

"Micah, that does not really help you know. You should tell him that Mommy will be here soon, and there's no need to be afraid."

Max quickly said, "He did. He did."

Well, Max will soon adjust to not being with Mommy for a few hours.
That would be good for him and me.
The most important thing is that he is not traumatised, no nightmares,
and he seems quite OK all the way from the prep for school in the morning and the car ride too.
So all should work out well soon.

As for Micah, he's been very happy getting back to school.
Most of his friends are still there except for three students.
Max and another girl, Natalie, are the new ones so far.

He did his usual, "Bye, Mom. Love you" at the stairs (the school is on the floor above), which was our usual practice from last year, but Max called out to me and asked me to walk him up the stairs and into the class. So I did.

Hopefully after next week I can just say good bye to the boys at the bottom of the stairs.


TripleJin said...

Good on Max. I'm sure you'll be able to wave from the bottom stairs.

My "back to school" ordeal will start end Jan. *bites fingernails nervously* ;)

hissychick said...

Sounds like Max is settling in like an absolute champion, clever boy.

I am so not looking forward to our own back to school, ie taking E to daycare with A for the first time when I go back to part time work next month...

Moomykin said...



I thought both your older ones are already in school and the third is still too young?

Still need to do some "psycho" prep?

Moomykin said...


Oh, starting work will be harder I think than for the girls to get into a new routine. They adapt faster than us with our Mommy brains I feel.


Ann said...

Oh...a walk up the stairs sure beats no nightmares and all that.

hahaha...I laughed when kohkoh closed his mouth to stop Max from crying! so funny....

Good thing about having 2 boys.

InfanT said...

i like the way Micah takes care of Max. He's so adorable.

Tina said...

ah bless. its always tough for the kids at first to leave what they know.

it hopefully be ok in another week or so fingers crossed

Moomykin said...


yeah, kids can sometimes be very funny in how they think problems can be solved.

I asked Max today who is his friend in school, the friend he likes, and his answer was "koh-koh".

So heart warming for Mommy.

Moomykin said...


Micah can be very good and helpful. But most of the time we feel he is too competitive and controlling towards his little bro.

But he is a sensitive boy and that helps him be a good big bro.




I too hope Max will be all better by the end of this week.