Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Drama In The Morning

Ee-ee and I figured: This boy is just pushing for luck.

In the Morning Max kicked up a big fuss about going to school.
He insisted it was already the last day. I explained that this is a new week.

He refused to change (forget about taking a shower), didn't want any breakfast and insisted that Grandma was to stay home and not go along so that he too could stay home.

I carried a wailing-and-kicking 3 year-old to the car.
He refused to get into his seat, so we both sat at the driver's seat for a while, while I talked to him.

Finally I managed to get in into his seat, with some coaxing and persuasion.
He was still protesting.

When we got to the main road he was alright.

We chatted about the different cars we spotted on the road and looked out for trains.

Mommy talked about how Mom and Dad both loved school from the first day of school and we never cried because there's just so much to do and it's so fun to be in school (this is all true, btw) and our teachers were all good and helpful.

When we got to school, Max protested a little at the stairs. He wanted to go buy sugar with Ee-ee and bake cookies with her. But when he got in and put his bag down, he was already running off to see what a teacher was doing in preparation for that day's craft. He never looked back.

Well, we might have... or we should probably expect a few more days of morning drama but I think he's ok.


hissychick said...

It feels dramatic for you but Max is being such a normal three year old.

In another few weeks you will be lucky to get a hurried goodbye!!

TripleJin said...

Hahahahahah... Max oh Max...

Tina said...

he will get there in the end im sure. it looks like as long as he has a distraction hes ok!

Moomykin said...


Oh, I am so waiting for that hurried good-bye. But Max's nature is such that I'm sure I could still get a hug and kiss before he disappears into class.

Moomykin said...


This morning was really "so drama". I am just glad grandma resisted coming with us. It would have made it more difficult for Max and I, I think.

Moomykin said...


yeah, I guess it's just the thought of not having Mommy with him that upsets him, but once he sees all the excitement in school he is all geared for it.

Ann said...

how quick kids are to forget...and the remember...and then forget again.

Moomykin said...


yeah, their "computers" are somewhat so fast and running but sometimes have problems locating certain files in memory.

It's going to be hard to start all over again after the long CNY-FT break. They have like 11 days off!!