Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Feeling Awful

Yesterday I sat alone on my bed and cried.

Today I felt awful.

Both incidents were in relation to dealing with Micah's mischief and my inability to cope with the stress.

It is the toll of living with other adults in the house that sometimes frustrates and infuriates.
(I won't go into any details on this.)

In the end, my fuse is shortened because some things really get the better of my nerves. Then along comes my cheeky-experimenting- boundary-testing - four year old and trips off a time bomb.

Mommy yells.
Boy stomps off in silence and hides from her.


Emotionally I see how we are so alike.
Micah and I are both actually very sensitive. And often when bruised, we need to be coaxed and soothed. Then we are OK and can go off hopping like a happy bunny again. We forgive easily when some form of effort of reconciliation is made.

Unfortunately we were both bruised... so Mommy needed sometime alone to release stress, sit and cry for a while, and then go coax the other bunny.

We are usually OK within the same hour. And we will exchange out "I love you"s and long hugs.

These are the times I feel like I just want to pack a bag, grab my boys and move house.

Gadget-daddy's back at work, and
I need to get out of the house to have some space with "positive vibes" with my boys.


Angeline said...

Go on! Do what your heart feels. Get out of the house and just enjoy the fresh air outside, you do need a break from the 4-walls every now and then to feel 'alive'. *wink*

TripleJin said...

Oh..I know how u feel. It's always so much free-er to live in your own home, with your own family.

Take care... hope there is a long term solution in sight.

A gift from God said...

Stop and take a deep breath...

Our Jouneys.... said...

Hei...take care. Though many times I cannot encourage or give you any support when you feel down, I am still here if you need someone to talk too.

InfanT said...

Kin, just take a break and go out with the boys...sometimes, space is required to breathe a lil and move on.

Ann said...

From all your comments, I also echo one...hope some solution is not too far from sight.

In the meantime, think of Christ. He will give you the strength and the peace you need.

Take care my dear and your littlest ones!

hissychick said...

I so know how you feel because A and I are like that all.the.time.

Take care and take a break when/if you can :)

little prince's mummy said...

Sometimes I feels the same way as u too..... Give yourself a short break n cheers up!

Moomykin said...

Thank you, all of you, for such kind words and support.

Things are better now that the boys are back in school and I take the morning out of the house too as I send them to school and hang around there till they are done.