Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Seafood Special

The day Gadget-daddy went off to camp, Mommy took the boys to Ah Ma's for a visit and we had the most delightful surprise in her kitchen (she had just come back from the market):

Gigantic Mantis Prawn!!

They are over a foot long each.
Sold by weight, she had paid RM46 for the four pieces!!
Talk about indulging the palate!

At the end, she just had them steamed and we ate them without any sauce nor salt.
It was just superb as it was!!


Our Jouneys.... said...

Wah I never saw such big prawns before! Looks scary actually...I'm never a favourite of mantis prawn...the last time I tried cooking them, it tastes must try your mom's way of cooking...

Ann said...

OMIGOSH....I am so hungry now!

I used to be allergic to seafood but I loved them so much that I poisoned my system into accepting them!

Now, I still bear through the itch and wallop them down!

Moomykin said...

Our journeys,

Steaming very fresh ones will let you taste the natural "sweetness", but if they are not very fresh, the cook in "kung-poh" style is good.



well, at least your allergies are mild, as in just get some itching. I know of some who will have difficulty breathing and experience heart burn.

Enjoy all you can, ya?