Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Getting Into The Festive Mood

Last Sunday, because a relative was visiting from Penang, we took her out to Midvalley to see the decorations.

Of course the crowd was just unbelievable
(you mean there is an economic crisis going on?)
and we had only a couple of hours to walk before heading back to Ah Ma's house as she had an appointment.

The boys behaved unbelievably well and we did not need to do any running-after-a-run-away-boy scene. Maybe because we had a "stranger" among us.

The next day, while Gadget-daddy worked from home, Mommy slipped out to do a few thing: to meet up with a friend (we were to meet at Ah Ma's house as it is more convenient geographically), and to get a hair cut.

But when I arrived at my mom's a little earlier, Ah Ma's was busy in the kitchen and I ended up doing one extra thing:

Making kuih-kapit (love letters) with Ah Ma.

She handles the batter and the molds over the charcoal...

and I fold the hot fragile biscuits and store them.

Of course Ah Ma kindly gave me a tin to bring home for her grandsons who have been "raiding" her kuih-kapit tins when they came over the last couple of times.

Thank you, Ah Ma.


The secret to Ah MA's delicious kuih-kapit:

1. The coconut milk must be hand squeezed in your own kitchen. The machine squeezed ones are not fragrant enough.

2. Charcoal fire is the only way to bake them.

3. Must be made on a fair weathered day. On a rainy day, the biscuit will be soft before they cool due to moisture in the air.


A gift from God said...

Ah... I love kuih kapit but never had a chance to make it!

Even if I want to now... I can't possibly do it in a condo! hehehe

Moomykin said...

A gift from God,

Maybe can experiment at your moms?
But it's really more tricky than it looks. The main tricky bit is getting a good steady fire going so that the biscuits turn out right.

Ann said...

I have tried making it too...and we eeven put love leters inside for daddy while we were making it!

Such simple joy such as this builds into our kiddie memory bank till today!

Must try it with my kids when they grow up!

Moomykin said...


Wow! real love letters in a love letter cookie. That must have really thrilled your dad.

They were at my mom's today and saw us making it. They looked for a while, then Micah ran off to play in Ah Ma's garden and Max started munching down a bowl of love letters.

Such is the difference between the two boys.