Saturday, 10 January 2009

Gadget-daddy Gets The Camping Bug

Gadget-daddy's gone for a couple of days.
He's taken off with a bunch of strangers to go hike up a waterfall and camp in the jungle for a night.

This started back a week before Christmas when we were at a friend's Christmas get-together and he chatted with someone about going to waterfalls around Kuala Lumpur.

It seems there's this group on Facebook called Waterfall Survivors and he decided it was time to revive an old passion.

He was all excited about buying a new tent and some camping utilities.

The boys had a great time when Gadget-daddy tested out the tent in the hall.
That was when Micah decided he wanted to go too.

The really funny part was that he wanted to make the new tent look a little worn so that he would not look like a rookie, while he felt he has had more experience camping out (was very active as a scout in his school days) than most people. But of course we didn't do anything to the tent.

Mommy's fun part, of course, was going shopping with him for the food supply and amazed him by knowing which aisle to head to for the specific thing he wanted at the supermarket. :D

Micah's wanting to go along were expressed thus:
"Yes, I want to go. I'm coming along."
"Mommy's not going? Max not going?"
"OK, I'll sleep with you, Dad. We'll sleep in the tent, right?"

Of course we all felt he is just almost ready, but not quite.
Maybe when he turns 5.

He was quite disappointed when he discovered that Gadget-daddy had left early this morning.

Both the boys missed him and asked a few times:
Where is he?
When is he coming back?
Why is it so long?
I want Daddy...

Well, Gadget-daddy will be back tomorrow, and we'll then share some photos.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mommy, glad to read your hubby gone camping.
I sure missed those days...camping on deserted islands, middle of the jungle when we go fishing.

Here there's lots of camping grounds where we can bring families. And there's modern facilities too like clean washrooms, laundry too....only bring your own camping equipment and food.

Oh ya, at nights can hear the wolves howling...
You keep well and have a pleasant weekend, Lee.

Moomykin said...

Uncle Lee,

Camping there sure sounds fun and convenient.

Here you kn ow we'll have to seek the help of mother nature to get to the latrines and baths. Not even sure if we should think of doing any laundry even. Hahaha...

Hubby has come back with a few thorns to pull out of his legs and loads of leech marks on his ankles and two as far up as his thighs!

But, nevertheless, he is very happy and satisfied and now sleeping like both his babies. :)

Have a good week.

Ann said...

oh, daddy had his alonet ime too then!

hope he enjoyed himself and what fun when he can bring the boys for camping.

And then maybe you will have 2 days of utter bliss? or maybe not!

little prince's mummy said...

Next time can bring the whole family for camping!~

Tina said...

camping in the jungle sounds so scary! its nice he made a group of friends that share an interest.

hope he had a good time

thanks for stopping by my place and commenting :)

Moomykin said...


Oh, I am so waiting for the day the boys all go camping, then I can just have a couple of days just to be with my girl-friends - having lunch or tea and cake leisurely or just read a book in bed. :)


little prince's mummy,

Personally I have never camped in a jungle. The only camp I ever did, sleeping in a tent with 7 other girls, cooking over open fire - for supper only - and hanging my laundry out in the open for all to see... Well, that was while I was in school... and we camped in a school field. So it all pretty safe.

Moomykin said...


Camping in the jungle: Depends on how far you go in in the jungle. Most of the time it's on the edges where it's pretty safe. The main pests would be mosquitoes and leeches.

In Gadget-daddy's younger days with the scouts, they have come across snakes, scorpions, wild boars and once heard a tiger roaring near by.
Those are stories for him to tell his kids and grandkids in time to come. :)