Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Souvenirs From A Camp

So Gadget-daddy got back late Sunday evening from his waterfall trip.

He has this motto from his scouting days regarding being one with nature:

"Take nothing but photos; Leave nothing but footprints."

Well, he took quite a few shots, and here is just a small sample of it...

The actual seize of this fall: over 100feet fall.

At a lower section of the fall.
Pic taken with a slow aperture.

Crossing the stream.

The stream from a different perspective.

Plus, he brought back another kind of souvenir:

Leech bites and scratches!!

Well, this is the leg that has he leech bites concentrated around the front of his ankles.
The other leg, the leech bites were scattered all over. We didn't even bother to count how many there were.

According to him, it's due to the rainy season. In all his years of camping and hiking in the jungle with the Scouts, he had hardly any leech bites.

Well, this sure made a record!!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Moomy, very nice photos. And those leech bite, can be very itchy.
I still have scars on my legs, body from pachats and lintas...as old days involved with logging and jungle works.
So nice to see these pics when its snowing like crazy here now.
And radio just mentioned our temp will be -25'c tonight, to make sure children everybody bundle up well.
You keep well, best regards, Lee.

JLow said...

Gadget Daddy, among other men I know, are part of a group of fathers whom are likely going to have very positive influence on their kids, in my opinion.

There are fathers out there who lead quite mundane lives- don't get me wrong, I am trying to objective; I could very well be bordering on being one of them.

Day in day out, and on weekends too, their routines are so fixed and "indoor" that the kids grow up thinking this is the way it should be. They (we) don't break out of these routines, so the kids don't get to see and experience other stuff, or at least be exposed to them, like your boys would after even only knowing what and where Gadget Daddy was and what happened (to his feet!)

For me at least, in consoling myself, at least I know this isn't the lifestyle i want, and certainly not one I wanna inculcate in my kids. I too wanna be "out there" doing stuff like sports, activities etc, that at least my kids get to see daddee doing it, better yet to do them together, to know that there are other things in life other than what the are routinely mundanely experiencing now.

I mean, each to their own, of course.

I don't believe in new years resolutions- after all why wait for a new year to implement a change; but perhaps this is what I need!

Ling That's Me said...

the waterfall photos are very beautiful !

Moomykin said...

Uncle Lee,

I can't imagine being in a place that's -25'c!!

Glad you like them pics.

Keep WARM!!

Moomykin said...


Aww, thanks for all your kind words.
I am just so glad that my husband is a man who wants to be involved in the upbringing of his kids too.

Well, in time you can get her to do all the roller-blading and rick-climbing, right?

Moomykin said...


many waterfalls in MAlaysia are lovely. Even some that are smaller and not far from the city is a good place to go and refresh the soul now and then.

I miss those times no,w as I am not ready to bring 2 little cheeky monkeys on such adventures yet, plus carrying one in me the last 32 weeks.

Ann said...

EWWWWWW.....i got the goose bumps looking that the leech bites....although I am thinking pehaps it sucked out all the bad blood and Gadget-daddy is healthier now?

consolation consolation! Still ewww.....

Moomykin said...


Yeah, they look really bad, but he's recovering.

I actually have one leech bite on my hand like 20 years ago and now still have the scar to show. Hahahaha...