Tuesday, 20 January 2009

CNY Crafts For Show

These were the crafts the boys came back with last Friday.

Micah is actually quite possessive of his and would check his name to make sure he is holding his and his brother his own.

Anyway, Here they are on display:

Lanterns made from ang-pow packets.

The greeters for the New Lunar Year.


JLow said...

Hey they are pretty cute!

Since I have got the whole week off work I was thinking of bringing Caitlin to the Thean Hoe temple (assuming I can find parking and not too bothered about the crowd!) to check out the lights and decors. They are likely to have activities there as well; at the very least watch the people pray and the deities there.

Moomykin said...

The boys have very creative teachers. They always have something clever to make befitting the festive seasons.

Good luck on getting a parking spot not too far from the temple. My dad used to go there on non-peak times for his monthly prayers.

Maybe we should come visit you since we KL folks have no "kampung" to "balik" to.

Ann said...

Cool decorations!

The little things that get us into the mood ya! For me it is those wonderful CNY cookies lining half the dining table!

JLow said...

Hi Moomykin, Ann,

You are both welcome to come visit!

Because we will be at my parents place that week; it'd be a more presentable place to welcome visitors!

Seriously though, do come visit! It'd be a blast!

hissychick said...

How beautiful and how clever your boys are for making them.

I love CNY....the colour, parades and the food...although I am sure that what goes on in Sydney's Chinatown pales in comparison to the festivities over there!

Moomykin said...


Cookies sound so good!!



We'll be calling on you.

Moomykin said...


Well, like some parade in Sydney, I am sure there would be some liondances at some malls or hotels, but those are the places we don't really visit (sorry but we are not the type who like crowds).

Here, for us it's really a family thing.
My mom would have some other religious ceremonies though, and that may be different from what you'd see in parades.