Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Meals On Wheels

The boys had their favourite snackie / lunch on the way home today:

Black noodle. Cooked by Grandma.
We had packed the food in a thermos tumbler.
Special thanks to Ee-ee who provided the containers and forks.

By the time we hit the toll, Max was already fast asleep. I had to pull over at the Toll office to lower his seat down and give the rest of his noodle to Micah who was happy for seconds.

Micah did not nap and had the rest of the afternoon to play.

Such is a life of pre-schoolers.


A gift from God said...

It's so much fun being a kid. Just play, have fun, get pampered, eat, and sleep. Ahhhh.....

Ann said...

Looks so yummy!!

But sleep looks more tempting for me now!

little prince's mummy said...

Sure looks yummy!~ The way they eat it~

Angeline said...

Brave mommy!

till now, I still do not allow my boys to eat in the car.
Cos' too many unpredictable things can happen liao if there is an emergency brake.... the fork can get stuffed right into the throat, the food on the floor .....and the clean ups after that....Ooooo... I'll rather prevent it in the beginning...

you are brave... *kudos*

Moomykin said...

A gift from God,

Yeah... it's great being a kid.

Too bad we didn't know it till it's over. Hahahaha...



Hope you get more sleep this CNY break.

Take care.

Moomykin said...

Little prince's mummy,

Grandma can cook rally well. She's been cooking for the family the last 36 years!!

But my boys' favourite food is noodles and pasta.



We all have very bad habits... we eat everywhere Except in the toilet.

The thing is we stay quite far from the school, a good 20 minutes with clear traffic. So we usually tale 20-30 minutes for the journey.

Eating on the road saves them time and keep them "entertained". Hahaha.

Yes, I have to put up with a little mess and have to clean up with vacuum or a wet cloth.

Brave? Ermmm....
For convenience, Yes.

milochel said...


I used to have my after school meals on wheels too when mom had to fetch Rayboy after fetching me... Haha.. then she forced me to take a nap in the car..


TripleJin said...

Wah...Hokkein Noodles are also my boys' favouritest noodles. Luckily my MIL taught me how to cook them. And alot of other things too.

Hee hee...

Tina said...

black noodles sound yummy. its great the kids like them too

Moomykin said...


I guess that's the thing about us urban people. We spend so much time commuting we might as well do something else along the way, eh?

Moomykin said...


Yes, very good to learn how to cook our children's favourite food!
Also our husbands.

Good for me my hub's favourite food is egg with fried rice or egg sandwich... also most of the easy recipes. Hahahaha...

Moomykin said...


Noodles is one of the easiest thing to eat. I only wish they'd take some of the meat we usually have in the noodles too, but these boys just want their carbo. Protein intake comes separately in milk and hard-boiled eggs.