Saturday, 27 September 2008

All Snoozes

We took the boys out late this morning.

As we were heading out, Gadget-daddy's bro pointed out that we have a flat.

The boys were already in the car, so Gadget-daddy quickly put on the spare and the boys had quite an exciting trip to the mechanics. They were fascinated by all the jacks, the cars without tires, the testing of tires in water to looks for bubbles and all the electric screwdrivers (not really, sorry, don't know the actual term) that screwed and unscrewed the tires.

"Look, Mom, just like Guido in a pit stop."

Then (the original plan) we headed to the Science Center to return some books, only to discover that the library is already closed for the upcoming Raya break.

After a long time of exploring, we finally managed to get the boys out of the Science Center. Mommy and Gadget-daddy were already tired, especially after the tire drama in the morning. Still the boys wanted to have their favourite lunch at their favourite restaurant: pasta at Marco's Pizza.

After that both boys fell asleep in the car on the back.
By the time we got home it was 3pm.

When we got home we found both Grandpa and Grandma already started on their nap while we were out. So we put the boys in their hammock swing and we too climbed into bed and snoozed.

The whole house was asleep...except maybe one of the dogs.

What a quiet Saturday afternoon in our house.

P/S: We were suppose to go for a wedding but we were actually too tired to think of dressing up and heading to a not so familiar place. We shall make up for it at the wedding dinner tomorrow night. Sorry, Min.


Ann said...

Nothing beats a lazy Sunday afternoon!!!

And after that, there really isn't anything else better to do than to sleep SOMEMORE!

Moomykin said...


Yeah, it's a Sabbath:
a time to recuperate and regenerate.:)