Sunday, 28 September 2008

Moans and Groans

I lay on the bed feeling my muscle tensed.
I arched my back a little and then back down.
I moved my hips slowly, up and down...
My eyes closed, feeling every little sensation.
I was panting.

Gadget-daddy rubbed me a little on the belly.
"You OK?"
"Mmm... yeah," I whispered back.
He brush my hair back a little with his fingers and looked at me most lovingly.
Both the boys were asleep downstairs.
We are at last alone in the room.

Well... my dear readers... it's not what you think.
Just teasing you a little...

Just before the lying down on the bed,...

I had just changed the sheets on our king-size bed. Mind you, a non-spring but firm mattress is a lot heavier than a spring one.
Then I mopped the floor and mopped the stairs from downstairs to upstairs. (Reason being that my bucket of water is from the bathroom upstairs and I did not want my footprints left trailing on the wet stairs. And I was ready to head for a nap.) That's really putting a test on the back.

And while I was doing all that, Gadget-daddy was also getting ready for a nap:
unwinding with a round of some stealth game (Splinter Cell) on his X-box.

Yeah, we get ready for bed (nap even) very differently.

He finished and came into the room just as I was doing a back-roll, trying to relief my back off the backache. Oh, could I feel every creak and crack of it. It's hard to mop the floor being 4.5 months pregnant. But I know I'm only half way through this 9 month marathon! Phooof.

And then we fell asleep within 5 minutes.
This is the bit of just before the whole house was asleep in the last post.

(And now as I am getting ready for bed, Gadget-daddy is again on his X-box - the same game. We are all creatures of habit. Hehehe... Good night.)


Peter said...

Sorry for the long silence. Congrats! When is baby due? We hope to catch up with you this Raya break. You take good care of yourself, OK? See you soon!

Moomykin said...


Hi. Hope all is well on your side of the world.

Baby is expected to arrive on 11th March 2009.

Must catch up with you some time.

hissychick said...

Back pain is just the worst when you are pregnant...and even when you're not and just have lazy tummy muscles!

Take it easy and look after yourself and your growing bub :)

U.Lee said...

Aiyaaaa, for one moment I thought....ha ha, almost went to get my ice coffee before reading, arhaa ha ha.
Any cravings for Penang rojak at 2am? Or pickled papaya at midnight? Or Oh chien? Ha ha.

Anyway, women at this stage are at their most beautiful.
Have a great week, and best wishes, Lee.

JLow said...


I (too) thought this blog was turning a new direction and that posts were gonna start getting steamy...


Hope you guys all got well rested!

Moomykin said...



It's age... I don't recall having back ache as bad a s this round when I was carrying my 2 boys.

Moomykin said...



Looks I am quite successful in being a tease. :)

It was really an after thought. I was again on the bed stretching my back when I thought, well, if someone hears me, it could very easily be misunderstood. Hahahaha...

Have a good week.

Ann said...

hahaha....with you rpegnant, believe me, I was not thinking of anything else but your back aches!!!

So much work you did! Really good. YOu deserve a good back rub!

Moomykin said...



I got my mum to give me a couple of pretty good back rubs while in Singapore. :)