Thursday, 18 September 2008

Mommy Freezes Time

The last two days I have been watching my boys even more carefully and absorbing the wonder that they are.

When they are asleep, they are just perfect little angels.

With another one on the way I am certain that soon, sooner than we can imagine, I will have a lot less time with them. Already we are slowly talking to Max about starting school next year in January.

He would be just a little over 3 but at least he will be in the same school as Micah and they will be in the same class.

Micah's school is a small place where they do a cycle of a different syllabus each year, and they have like 6 in their file. So a child that goes to the school, regardless of age, will be learning the same as everyone else. Of course the expectation and assignments would vary according to each child's ability and progress. For this year there are only 12 students and 3 teachers plus 1 helper. Loads of personal attention and the teachers are properly trained on top of that. I am glad we got Micah into this place, although it's a 30 minutes drive from where we stay.

Of course if Max feels he is not ready for school, I will not push it. Actually, I think he will do pretty well there...but I am not sure about separation anxiety. As for right now, maybe because I am expecting, he is super clingy.

Anyway, sorry I digress, I have been watching the boys and am just drinking in how wonderful they are.

Micah is a sweet and sensitive boy. Today, while I dozed off on the couch for a 15 minutes catnap, he came and kissed me twice and said, "I love you, mom." Just because. Sometimes he will laugh at Max when he does something funny and say to me, "Isn't Max funny? He's so cute! I love you, Max," and cuddles his brother.

Micah is a lot more excited about babies than most kids his age. This is evident whenever his cousins visit from Singapore. He loves the little one and would wash his hands hundreds of times so that he could touch his face and tickle his chin.

Micah's tender-hearted towards animals too. He is especially fond of the cats and kittens in the back lane. Not too crazy about the dogs because the puppy tends to jump on him and the old one just stares from his lazy pose. So he will fuss over the kittens, try to get something for them to eat. Carries them about. Pat them and scratch them behind their ears.

Max is a total cutie. He plays so well by himself that it's really amusing to watch him talk to the cars, or pretend to cook something for you in the kitchen. Sometimes he will repeat conversations from the cartoon and giggle to himself, then come look for you and repeat the same joke again.

Today he was busy pretending to be a doctor with a make-shift stethoscope. It's actually one of those suction hooks Grandma uses in the kitchen to hang some light utensils, i.e. peelers, etc., and that thing was attached to a lanyard normally used for name tags at conferences. So he hangs the "stethoscope" around his neck and says, "I am the doctor. Come, let me check you now." And he would put the suction pad end on the belly, on the back and on the chest. Then he would declare, "Ok. You're ok."

This little one has got the cutest and cheekiest grin that just makes all of us want to give him a bear hug, and often ask if we could "bite him". Hahahaha..

Time flies. Soon, it will be March 2009, and we will all be fussing over a new baby that demands more attention than these two. Then the boys will be going off to proper school and have loads of activities.

You two are a real miracle for Mommy and Daddy. We love you guys so so much.
There is never a day we forget to thank the Almighty God for you.


Cuddly Family said...

aww bless em..

they are always angelic when they sleep.. it's when they are awake... hahahahhahaa

It might be overwhelming at first, esp during recovery time but the boys will surprise you with how helpful they can be :) They are lovely lads!

Funny how the younger ones always can play on their own etc. ehheeh

Ann said...

Awwww......a knot caught up in my throat....esp when I reached the last sentence.

The awe and majesty of God in creating another human form with characters and traits like our own yet individual in their own way.

Must remember to always love the excellence in them and help them with their weaknesses.

A gift from God said...

oh.... lost for words.... :)
Mummy, you are doing great....
going to be a super mum soon eh? 3 kids...gosh...

Moomykin said...


I am sure they can be helpful.

Funny thing now even is that when I ask one of the boys to help me do something simple, like close the door, the other will race and to it too and both will end up fighting.


Moomykin said...


Yes, we are really just stewards of God's gifts.

Both boys are really such different characters.


a gift from god,

Super mum? I doubt that I'm anywhere near that. Hahahaha...

Thanks for the compliments anyway.

We are looking forward to another one in our brood. Just hope to manage the giving of time and attention to 3 kids.