Sunday, 21 September 2008

I Want Daddy

This whole week Gadget-daddy was with us.

It was great as the boys got a lot of time with him. Now Max wants daddy to brush his teeth and night and not Mommy.
When it comes to brushing teeth before bedtime, Max would say, "Koh-koh first"
Then after I had finished with Micah, Max would then say, "I want Daddy. I want Daddy to brush for me."
(Ahh... one little job redirected to Daddy. :D)

Of course the better part and those that made a big difference was also that the boys got to go to the park some of the evenings when it was not raining. The mornings were also great: Gadget-daddy drove Micah to school, then he gets off to his office and Mommy spends the rest of the morning with Max until it was time to pick up Micah from school. Only once did we go home with out Gadget-daddy as he had some people to see in the office till later.

(We should have made some luncheon plans with friends working near his office, like you, Ann, but Gadget-daddy usually have to rush back to be on a conference call.)

Of course, with Gadget-daddy driving, Grandma stayed home in the mornings and did her own things. She must be relived too.

The only things was when Gadget-daddy when to refill the petrol yesterday, he realised the car was performing badly. I teased and said it must be the way he drives as he was driving us around the whole week. Then we remembered that the day before that he discovered that the tires were a little out of air. That had caused more friction, requiring more gas to go. I for one am glad he was driving this week. I doubt that I would have noticed it and thought something wrong with the engine.

This coming week Gadget-daddy will be off again. We will all miss him very much.


JLow said...

While this isn't going to make things better, these changes in routine actually makes life a little more "interesting".

Our day to day set routines can get mundane after a while..

Ann said... good to hear he was back longer this time round! Can imagine how life will be when you get to see him everyday.

Seems to be worth wherever you guys need to move!

The move is still on?

hissychick said...

Glad that Gadget Daddy was around for a good while. It makes such a difference. Now all you have to do is 'train' at least one of the boys to only want Daddy if they wake in the night and you're set :)

Moomykin said...


Well, mundane is just another way of saying stable. :)

But the kids grow so fast, and honestly, Gadget-daddy is really feeling it.

We can't wait for the end of October - that's when we expect some changes in his assignment.

Moomykin said...


It's really a treat and a break for us. It's really bad for us to be separated for so long.

They boys really miss a father figure and a man to do all the guy stuff with them.

So glad it's not a permanent arrangement.

Moomykin said...


Yes, it's good to have the Daddy around.

Oh, how I wish too, that they would attach on to him more.