Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A Mommy-brain Funny

It's been said that when a woman is pregnant, or when she is dealing with a new born, a certain part of her brain fails to function properly because of her pre-occupation with an additional demand for attention.

Last Friday, before we went to bed, I removed my contact lenses, placed into the "baskets" and then realised I had run out of solutions.

So I took out the new box, decided it was time to change the jar and "baskets" (comes with ever new bottle but I only change mine with every 2 or 3 bottles of solutions). I replaced the contact lenses, filled up the jars and screwed in the baskets.

The next day when I went to put my lenses on, to my horror, the "baskets" were empty!

I went to look under the sink (keep some stuff to be recycled in a bag till it's full and send it off) and discovered I had "thrown away" my lenses. Somewhere in between the changing of baskets and squirting out the solutions, with a couple of bottles and containers on the sink, it was like a puzzle.

Well, got them back, but had to re-soak them into the solutions. So was without my contact lenses for the whole of Saturday.


Ann said...

Oh....you are a contacts person!!! I dread pre-weddings only becoz I would be spending 30min-1 hour in front of the mirror trying to wear my contacts!!

Moomykin said...


I am so used to it now I can do it without a mirror.

I find it more convenient for me to "mess around" with the boys for they are sure to knock my glasses off all the time.