Tuesday, 9 September 2008

How to Play

Micah: Mommy, I want a new train set.

Micah loves train and is always asking for a new train set. The thing is...

Mommy: But you already have so many trains. More than you can play at a time. And you always break the tracks. Some of your trains can still go, but they have no tracks, so they can't run. And some of them are broken because you crash them. So how to buy you new ones? It's just wasting money.

But at the back of my mind, a little voice asks: But isn't this how play is suppose to be? Toys aren't meant to last forever anyway.

How now brown cow?
Anyone? Guys, especially, is this how play is to be - I mean for the boys?

Photo taken: July 2006

Photo taken: July 2007


Ann said...

Ummm....can we make imaginery tracks ?? Just line up the left and right with some thing so that the train goes only within the confines of the self made track!

Then....no need for new tracks.

Sigh, they should actually make some generic tracks that ALL toy trains can run on. These marketing people and their scams!!!!

Moomykin said...

Oh, at one point he was playing with imaginary trains and tracks and even that can end up fighting with Max because Max stepped on his "tracks" and made the "trains" derailed. It was real madness. Hahaha...

We have actually agreed to get him one more train set - for Christmas. So he's learning to yearn and to wait. :)