Monday, 8 September 2008

The "If" Tag

5"If"s that would have made your life somewhat different today.

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. List 5 things that could make your life very different should it come true.
3. Tag 5 other people.

1. If Gadget-daddy and I had not courted so long we'd probably be having our 5th or 6th kid now.

I had always enjoyed being in a 5-kids family and love kids. Gadget-daddy loves them too, and if we had started out having kids earlier, I guess I'd be carrying maybe our 5th or 6th one now. Of course I can't imagine what a circus it'd be, but it'd also be heaps of fun.

2. If Gadget-daddy had gotten posted to Belgium right after he graduated, I suppose I'd be ice-skating, skiing and speaking French today.

He had a job offer, they really wanted him, but the work permit could not go through. It was quite exciting at that time for us to think of staying in Europe, but my Dad was also getting pretty sick at that time, so I must say God works everything out well for all of us somehow. The more important things anyway.

3. If I we were staying on our own, I'd probably be cooking more like Lia. :)

Lots of home made bread and milk in the fridge. Healthy meals baked in ovens and easy recipes to whip up. I'd do this one thing I learnt from my MiL: boil a good pot of soup which is used as base for cooking vege or making rice porridge or eating noodle soup. She even uses the soup to cook our rice in sometimes so that it's extra tasty and nutritious.

4. If I had insisted on changing school in my pre-U days, I would never had met Gadget-daddy.

I wanted to do English Literature and heard it was not offered in St. John's (where Gadget-daddy and I met). But due to government's red tape, I was informed that I could only make a school transfer after school strted, and that it would take up to 6 months to actually change school. Too much time wasted, I figured and stuck to where I was. And in the end, I did manage to do English Lit in St.John's, though it was more like a private tutorials with a couple of friends and some students from 2 other schools. Well, the rest is history.

5. If I had not stopped, I'd have ended under a bus.

Here's the story:
I was taking the public bus to school. I usually head out while it's still dark, abotu 30 mins before sunrise. One morning, as I had cossed a road, I made a jump for the curb, as I saw a bus speeding down the road. As I jumped up, my school bag's strap snapped and my bag fell onto the road. I was going make a jump for it when I felt something* made me stop short. Right at the edge of the curb when I stopped, I saw my school bag crushed under the bus. That could have been me. I was actually in a state of shock, and just picked up my bag - what it had become, and hugged it the rest of the way. Only when I got to school I broke into tears when I told a few friends what happened. Everything was wet from a crushed water bottle I had in my bag. Amazingly the calculator in the bag still worked, despite a crumpled durface.

So what are your 5 "if"s:

* Actually I would say I felt it was the voice of God that rang an alarm in me that said STOP, while my human instict was to jump and grab my bag.


Ann said...

Oh...the last IF was really a heart stopper!

Thanks for the tag...will get on to it.

mumsgather said...

My first two ifs are exactly like yours! Hahaha. However I can't think of any more ifs so sorry I have to pass on this tag. Hehe.

JLow said...

Thanks for the tag, will get to it soon.

Those life and death ones are quite scary; I had one myself too....

hissychick said...

Thanks for the tag, will get around to it later on this week.

It's interesting to read about others 'if only' moments, quite amazing how different life could have been thanks to moments that we often don't give more than a passing thought.

Moomykin said...




Yes, I still get goosebumps sometimes when i remember the image of my bag under the wheels of a mini bus!!

Moomykin said...


Oh, it's ok. Don't woprry about the tag.

I guess many of us would love to have more kids if age was not a factor...but I suppose finances is a major concern too.

Moomykin said...


yeah, it's amazing how life can so similar or so different on different sides of this planet. We are all human after all.

JLow said...

Haha! I started drafting this and got stuck with only 3 "if's"!

My life must be so straight and set-out!

Moomykin said...


Good for you. :)

But do put it up, even if it's just 3 "If"s. It'd be interesting to know.

JLow said...


Moomykin said...


Ok. :)