Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Of Dreams And Imaginations

This morning Micah woke up calling for Mommy. I was already downstairs.

Then I met him at the top of the stairs and we sat there as he told me what he dreamt of:

"I dream that Rocket was my friend. He hugged me and I hug him back. He also rescued me.
And then Big Jet came and they wanted to fight. I told them they must love each other and not fight. Then we all became good friends."

"Ok. Let's go. Gotta get ready for school."

Ah, world peace for my little boy's imagine-playland.


Later in the evening, just as I put the receiver down having spoken to my sister in Singapore,
Micah said, "Mommy, you must call me now."

"Ring, ring. Ring, ring."


"Hello, Micah, where are you?"

"Hi, Mom. I'm on my way back from work."

"Oh? Are you driving?"

"No, I am on a train."

"OK. Do you need me to pick you up from the station?"

"No, the taxi man (Max) is here. I will take the taxi back."

"OK. See you soon. Bye."


"Hi, Mom, I'm home. Actually I took the plane back."

"Oh? where were you?"

"I was in Jakarta. See Daddy's here too!" (Points to the room's door.)

Ok. did you have a good plane ride?"


"Did you eat anything on the plane?"
(Max now climbing onto my lap, seeing us having so much fun.)

Micah, "Yes, I had a burger with fries, and something to drink."

Mom, "Wow."

Max, "I had some fish and potatoes and fish-ball, and chips and ribena."

Mom, "Ooo... tasty."

Micah, " I had black noodle with fish-ball and vege and garlic and onions."

Mom, "Wow, you did?"

Max, "I had black noodle with fish-ball and vege, no onion and no garlic."

Mom, "Ok..."

They then ran out to say good bye to their granduncle who was going home after fixing a few more pipes for us.

It's so fun to have imagine-play and have good "conversations".


milochel said...

oh ya.. speaking of which, weng kong's sook sook from sabah called my hp asking for weng keong.. and he said he couldnt get him, or weng kong, or anyone ... hmm.. just to let u know he called.. so do call him bakc ok ???

ANd yeahh!! he's coming back tmr!! haha.. and we seldom go out to paktor, coz sometimes we're just too tired and wana rest at home after church, like how u and mike always did, coz i'm just so tired from studying.. and he always spends time with my mom as well, so i guess, he's a really good homely family guy .. :)

JLow said...

I am still staring at the hokkien mee.

Fried to the right colour too!

neomesuff said...

my kid the boy likes to tell me about his dream of the sharks fighting with dinasour..and hes the 'peacemaker' guy

oh dhang! i forgot about yr tag!!!!

A gift from God said...

mmm...can't wait for Reese to tell me his dreams...hehe.. he loves little Eistein alot...always talking about rocket... :)

How's the pregnancy coming along?

Ann said...

Oh, how descriptive!

I could imagine it without the pictures. But with the pictures, I was actually imagining the taste!

Funny how our brain works up wonders!

Moomykin said...



yeah, spend more time talking and not just playing. Good to know the family too.



Micah is a milk baby and a noodle boy. He'll eat noodle or pasta anytime.

Yes, I thot that was a pretty delicious looking hokkien-mee. :)

Moomykin said...


good that our kids think of being the peacemakers. Tell quite a bit about their personality and their upbringing. :)

Oh, don't worry about the tag. Do it only if you have bloggers' block. Hahaha...

Moomykin said...

a gift from god,

They (kids) usually surprises us with what goes on in their mind, and the things that fascinates them. :)



Yeah, it's amazing how our brain works with our senses in recording and recollecting certain sensations, especially the sense of smell and taste.

hissychick said...

If only A and Micah could meet. Imagine the conversations they'd have!

Moomykin said...


I know what you mean...
It would be gobstopping for us i think, just to listen to them talk and play.
Must catch those kind of moments on video!