Friday, 26 September 2008

Funny Cuties

My boys can sometimes be very fun and funny, especially when they are trying to escape sleep. Here are a few clever dress-ups.

My Jedi Knights:
Not like they know anything of Star Wars yet, but they were playing with Daddy's raincoat.

Funny Bunny:
Max started this when he insisted he was going to put on his own pajamas.
He had no problems with the pants, but the shirt was tricky.

After that both of them decided they would be a couple of bunnies with floppy ears (the sleeves).

Recently I ordered a 3-D book through Micah's school.
Here are they boys taking turns having a look at Polar animals in 3-D.
(Mommy used her hair band to help hold the glasses down.)

Have a good weekend.


Our Jouneys.... said...

yah they are really so cute

A gift from God said...

They are so cute.... hehehe...

JLow said...

You have managed to capture quite a few good / cute shots of your kids! I love them!

Moomykin said...

Thanks, all.

Kids are just so cute sometimes.

I remember my younger siblings had quite a few cute shots too. Of course my older sister and I had a hand in dressing them up and making hold funny poses for the camera. :)

Ann said...

What ingenuity - for mummy to think of using the hair band and for the boys to think of bunny ears!!

Or was that mummy's thinking as well??

You are one creative, funny girl!

Moomykin said...



I think these are really priceless shots. They only do these funny ones once in a while, and when they're in the mood.

Plus, I am not one who has the camera in hand all the time, and you can't get them to do a repeat on these.

Just glad I managed to get a few funny ones.