Monday, 15 September 2008

Wise Saying To Pass On To My Children

These were some things my late father had said to me over time at different periods of my life. Most of the time, I did not welcome them when said to me, as I felt he did not understand me nor what I felt.

There are also statements he made at random too, sometimes after reading the papers, sometimes in our late night drives across town for his cravings of a certain noodle, etc.

But today, many of these wise words are carried in my heart and memory, and they have proved to be true.

My children, here are the words of your departed grandpa.
Here's what I remember (at random):

Do not trouble Trouble unless Trouble troubles you.

As you grow older, you will have less friends. You actually need only a few good friends.

The people that you love is precious. But it's like a bird in your hand. Squeeze it too hard and it'll die. With no care, be careless, and it'll slip out of your hand, never to return.

There is nothing new* under the sun. Life is a cycle, like a fashion that comes back round after a few decades.

If you think you are so smart, then you're quite stupid, because there'll always be someone smarter than you.

You cannot always have what you want, but you can be happy with what you have. When you're at the sea, don't yearn to see a tiger. When in the mountains don't expect to see a whale.

Friends will fail you. So sorry. Move on. Your family is the only thing you'll have at the end.

Every one (everything) must die one time or another. You must move on until it's your turn.

Sanity is all that counts. People are just crazy or not crazy.

Don't pressure anyone into a dead end. Always let them have a way out. Like any animal that is cornered, it'll turn around and be vicious.

Sometimes in life, you need to backtrack and take a different path (apparently he said there's this Chinese saying about taking the corner again but on the second time, things have changed. Kinda like that phrase about jumping into the same , but a different river every time you take a plunge, come out and jump in again. It's this whole time and cosmic thing concept).

Don't blame anyone for your mistakes. Don't blame God and don't use God's Name in vain. So many wars were declared in God's name and all kinds of evil and wrongdoings have been done in the name of God.

Fear God and love your wife. But some men love God but fear their wife.

Those who can give financially, give money; those who cannot, give sweat.

Your past will eventually catch up to you.

Self-pity is no pity.

Watch how you talk, especially in your tone. Don't always stir up a fight. Don't make people so angry that they want to kill you.

Anger is temporary insanity. That's why you have manslaughter.

You must have self-control. You cannot simply kiss someone you like and you cannot just beat up someone you dislike.

I don't know why all these men want so many women. One woman is trouble enough.

Money is always the first reason family fight about.

Always take care of your mother.


I am sure there are more that will surface at some unexpected time, but shall leave this as it is for now.

*I am sure he did not refer to technology, but rather with regards to life and the challenges and triumphs of living.


Maiasaurus Rex said...

I am glad to hear that you are passing these gems on. Someday I hope to do the same with my children (whenever THAT happens). The ones I will always remember from my Dad are: if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well, and a sign of maturity is the ability to defer gratification. Long live parental wisdom.

Ann said...

Wise words indeed.

Some of them rings in my ear even as I read them...esp.

Don't trouble TROUBLE.
Family matters.
Money is the root of all evil.
Don't use God's name in vain.

Some make me laugh esp the ones about wives.

JLow said...

Very wise words, esp the humorous ones which will always make ppl remember them.

milochel said...

Self-pity is no pity..

Self-praise is no praise as well..

(btw i like the part about "love your mother") haha..

Moomykin said...

maiasaurus rex,

Yes. Our parents have eaten more salt than we have eaten rice, ya. :)



My dad was always clever at making something serious funny. Does drive home a point.

Moomykin said...


I agree.

There are actually moments in my life now that I just here a resonance of his words.

He had a great sense of humour, though not everyone knew how to respond to him sometimes.

Moomykin said...


Yes, we have only one mother and one father, so we need to care for them too, although we can never repay them for all the care they've given and are still giving to us.

p/s- My mom still buys me clothes when she goes for holidays, how about that?!

hissychick said...

A lot of wisdom there that doesn't come from Google!

U.Lee said...

Your dad was on the right track, everything is absolutely right.
Experience even though not all time 100% accurate, but better than inexperience.
You stay easy and have a great week, Lee.

Moomykin said...


Well, Google just gives info, not wisdom, aye?

And nothing like such gems from our parents to pass on to our kids.

Moomykin said...

u. lee,

Thanks. It really pays to listen to our older folks. That one I learnt from my dad too. :)

neomesuff said...

..owh! i need those in my mind!...thnks beb

Moomykin said...


Yeah. Must remember these petua-petua from our parents, kan?

Peter said...

Reading those wisdom gems makes me miss your Dad sorely. Although I have not heard all of them from him directly, I can imagine them coming out from his mouth (and sometimes in Hokkien too!). Glad he has left such a great legay for his children and his children's children and the future generations.

Moomykin said...



It's so true that we should listen to our elders. That's what he told me too. And I am glad I did have the opportunity to before it was too late.