Monday, 21 April 2008

Earth Day

Today at playgroup we did something special. We talked about earth day, what is our planet like (read a book on that), did an exercise on recycling and planted small plants into pots and we took them home. It was pretty good.

I had actually informed the coordinators about this because I saw it advertised on TV and thought it'd be a good thing to do. So we did, and since it was my 'bright' idea, I was asked to do the reading and talk about recycling.

The coordinator, in place of craft for the day, got the children to plant plants. Actually, because it was in an indoor set up, the kids mainly observed while the coordinator handed them a pot each, the scooped soil into the pots and finally stuck a little plant in for them. Well, at least we got a plant to think about Earth Day tomorrow. :)


Ann said...

I am sure you must have mentioned this before...but where is your playgroup again? And with whom?

Sounds really cool....somewhat like kindy/nursery with mum!

Moomykin said...


Let me e-mail you the details. :)