Saturday, 19 April 2008

Max: Among Other Things...

Max is really chatty these days. Except for cutting short long words, i.e. missing a syllable here and there, and usually dropping the articles, he does get the message across quite well.

Since two Sundays ago when they showed Sound of Music on Astro (cable TV), he's really been into the Do Re Me song. He can't really sing yet, but he sure makes the stress and drags the vowels at the correct places. Max's version:

Doe - dear, female dear;
Ray, - drop of gold - sun,
me, - name, - call myself;
Far, - long long way - run.
Sew, - needle pulling threat,
La, - - - follow So,
Tea, - drink - jam and bread;

The other thing about his pronunciation is that he finds it hard to say the 's' sound at the start with the 'st' sound.
So we usually hear:

Red light, top.
I want ticker on my shirt too.
If you're happy and you know it tamp your feet.
I want ticky rice.

Sometimes when we are not paying full attention, we get kinda confused too. But Mommy always gets the message. :)


hissychick said...

Clever, clever Max.

Abd I love your last point. It's true, us Mums are fluent in our little one's language. I've become quite proficient in ten month old speak of late!

Moomykin said...


Yeah, one out little ones can mimic any noise similar to what they mean to say, Mommies are the first to understand. :)

Happy interpreting your 10month old's lingo to the rest of the world. ;)

p/s- So fast, she's already 10 months old!! Before you know it she'll be ONE!!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Kathie, I guess its really interesting when hearing your kids learn to speak.
They pick up very fast too....
Here we have thousands of China immigrants with parents not a word of English, and their 4 year olds, 5 weeks in daycare, and you would think they born here.
Lots of Chinese kids growing up here can't speak Chinese. That I blame the parents for not encouraging them when young.
I see you have two dogs? Labs from what I can see.
Good for kids to grow up with animals.
You stay easy and have fun, Lee.

InfanT said...

Hi Kin,

i was sharing with Andrew on the way home from church that Max can speak so well today. Last time, he used to cry because he couldn't express what he wanted, now he 's really Good!

Ann said...

I think it is very important for mums to pick up on these things. At least they can correct it early.

I think for working mums it is more difficult to pick up on such "minor" things but VERY MAJOR REPERCUSSIONS!

pepperboy said...

haha! that's so cute!
there's this little girl about 3 years old who lives in my apts and she held up something to me the other day and said "ticker! ticker" and it was a sticker. :)

Moomykin said...


Hi. I know what you mean about these children who don't speak their mother tongue, but sometimes the parents can't be blamed. I have a cousin who was 3 when they migrated to NZ and she refused to speak to her parents in chines even when they did speak the language to her. The younger they are the faster they adapt to the surroundings. Maybe if the parents pretend to not understand the language and get them to be interpreters....? ;)

Yes, we have two dogs now. The black is a lab mix and he's about 9 years old. The other is a dalmatian mix and he's about 5 months old puppy. My boys love animals and if they could they would want more pets, i.e. rabbits, hamsters, birds... but it's so much work to care for pets. Takes up a lot of time, space and money too.

You have a good day too.

Moomykin said...


Yes, Max is such a parrot sometimes and will just pick up on our conversations and join in by repeating or asking questions. repeats after his brother almost ALL the time too!! Don't forget he is a copy cat too. Hahaha...

Moomykin said...


I think it's a progress of speech, how they will eventually learn to control their tongue more precisely.

Micah for a long time can't seem to get certain words starting with 'L' and 'W' differentiated clearly. Now is better but have to make him say it with conscious effort.



Kids talk are so cute and can really tickle you. Micah still have one trace of that. He says 'sleep' as 'sneeep' sometimes still. So adorable.

Your sis may think of ways to correct that in his speech. Lol.

Angelia said...

awwww I love it when they talk like that, they look at u, expecting you to know EXACTLY what they've said. K can't stop talking now and usually it involves cars LOL

with the Js, it's never ending questions... some questions are.. very interesting.. LOL

Moomykin said...


I know, they are just so cute.

I guess the older they grow, the more questions they have.