Sunday, 27 April 2008

Mood: Bad End of a Great Day

Ever in the mood where you know there are things to be done but you'd rather do other things?
That's why I am here and not doing what I have to do...

We had a rather bad end this evening for a pretty good day. I was already tired from all the excitement we had with the Cuddle Family (Thanks, Angelia). Grandma is not well, so I made dinner for the boys (noodles), Gadget-daddy and myself (egg sandwich).

Then we played and read books and played some more. Got the boys to clean up and brushed their teeth. Then Max slipped downstairs and raided our bag and came up with 3 containers of biscuits. I was too tired to think right and let them have bite-size biscuits in the room. Then he opened another box and started munching on the animal biscuits. Then the storm from Mommy started:

No more eating in the room.
Stop! There are crumbs every where! Do you want the ants to come sleep with you?!
Go eat downstairs or no eating. Choose!

Then I had to sweep and mop the floor, so more scolding in trying to stop them from walking/running around.

It's exhausting to be angry.

Finally, Gadget-daddy came to their rescue. Played with them while I mopped the other rooms.
Then I put a batch of laundry into the machine and came back to our room. The boys were still playing, so I asked, "Anyone ready to sleep?"
"Nope. We are still playing."
So I said good night and crawled into bed and hoped they follow suite. I fell asleep almost immediately. Then I woke up to see Gadget-daddy fast asleep, Micah, asleep, snuggled right beside me and Max asleep on the cold floor! Oh, and movie still running on the computer.

So tonight I did not get to kiss my boys good night, but they still get kissed anyway...

Now to get to the laundry.

p/s- Gadget-daddy finally bought the card-reader, so check out the last few posts for the shots, Tracing as far back as "Earth Day" :)


Angelia said...

Awwww hun HUGS we had a fab time with u guys.

hope today is a better day!

U.Lee said...

Hi Kathie, enjoy your kids...before you know it, they'll be teens, ha ha, Any more kids coming, *wink*? A baby sister for the boys? Ha ha, Lee.

mumsgather said...

Hope that you will be kind enough to participate in my silly Mother's Day Fantasy meme?

Moomykin said...


The weekend really zoomed by, hey?

Thanks for having us. Wish we could stay longer, but the boys were rather tired. Max fell asleep in the car and Micah as soon as we reached home.

Must do it again some time. :)



I know what you mean by that. They grow so fast.

we are planning to have more, so hopefully we will have a successful pregnancy next round.

(Maybe you missed it, I had a miscarriage the last round.So the doc advised us to wait till another month before trying again.)

Moomykin said...


Thanks. Will look into it later today. :)

Ann said...

Oh...I so now the too tired to make good decisions....

hope you had a good rest and it was a nice feeling when you woke up and saw the boys all asleep ya!

Though maybe not on the cold floor!

Moomykin said...


Yeah, you're right. It's always like cozy quiet time when the boys are asleep. It's like you feel all is well and safe. :)

Max on the cold floor was, I think, that he was just playing or talking to himself and just fell asleep. He's funny, in that when he's really tired but refuses to sleep, he will just drop off suddenly, even in the middle of a sentence. Lol.

Angelia said...

Mumsgather, I shall take a look too :)

Kin, call me Lia lah. Angelia sounds very formal LOL Yeah, the weekend just ZOOOOOOmed by but it seems to always zoom by haha. I shall be glad when d is done with his GI joe, hopefully before my bday!

No, it's ok, I had to go off anyway. We shall have to do it again once y'all have recoverd. School hols coming up! end May-early June.

Moomykin said...


OK, will keep those dates in mind. :)