Saturday, 5 April 2008

Making A Fuss For Once

It's my Birthday.
Not today...but close.

I have always kept this day low key. Not that I am embarrassed or anything like that, but I guess, I have always preferred the company of a few and can chat deep and long. Hence, I normally celebrate my birthday through a week or over two weekends!

But I am one who actually love surprises. Last year Gadget-daddy surprised me with flowers! Wow! That's a big deal. I can count with one hand how many times that has happened! :D

Even on my 21 birthday,... my parents usually leave it to us to plan what we want to do and support us in that. Well, my 21st birthday turned out an incidental date with Gadget-daddy, then Gadget-pal. He wanted to get a friend from Kuantan to have dinner with us. She was studying in UM and staying in the hostel then, but somehow he could not contact her. So it was dinner for 2. ;)

This year, I had decided to make a fuss. This is really the biggest thing I've done for myself.
Really. I have planned a party for 10 adults, including Gadget-daddy and myself, and 8 kids!
The last big thing I did for myself was a lunch in Shakeys on my 14th birthday with my classmates, maybe 12 of us... We then headed to my place to hang out, and one of the girls actually learnt how to ride a bicycle at my place! It was a great day.

Up coming event, I have planned a simple picnic lunch, at our (the boys and I) second favourite hang-out place. I hope all will be well. I have a few surprises up my sleeves (did I mention I love surprises? :D) and I just can't wait for tomorrow... Ok, later today.

Packed some stuff into the car and gotta wake up early to make the sandwiches and potato salad.

Looking forward to finally meeting some of my blog buddies. :)

I feel really excited, like going for a holiday, like meeting a pen-pal, like cyberspace touching down on earth.

Interestingly, all who are gathering tomorrow have one common strand, and that's not just being on my blog-buddy list, but that all who are meeting tomorrow are actually Gadget-daddy's friends before you became mine. Another interesting thing is that all of you have worked with Gadget-daddy before. All except for one family, but that Mummy has known him long before working life even! Even longer than I have known Gadget-daddy!

Thanks, G-d darling. If it weren't for you and getting my blog started, I'd have a pretty boring and vegetating life. I would have no life of my own, but now I have a bunch of friends who "chat" with me and listen to me at any time of the day, or night.

My sanity and my happiness is restored. :)

See you tomorrow, my friends.
Good night.


Our Jouneys.... said...

huh? wat party is this? Just for your family only? or with friends? I'm confused

Maiasaurus Rex said...

Eh, who is this friend from Kuantan? Do I know this person? Which college lah? I thought I knew everyone from Kuantan at UM... small town mah...

Ann said...

Haha....I am writing this comment after the fact...was too cruious to see if anyone was NOT TOO TIRED to put in a blog entry regarding this 'event'!

Anyway...surprise surprise, it was great! Just like celebrating MY Bday party!

by the way. when is the actual date? You can sms me your answer!;)

Moomykin said...

our journey,

I did a small b'day party for myself to meet up with the blogging Mommies and Daddy. Actually they are all my hubby's friends. :)

Sorry I didn't ask you. I thought you'd be busy on a weekend and did not want you to feel obliged to get me something.

I still love you.

Moomykin said...

Maiasaurus rex,

Oi, you sister of E!!
I finally got you on blog! great to hear from you.

Aiya, you know the Kuantan girl who was in 5thC, also TESL. That one-laa. :)

Will check out your blog asap!

Moomykin said...


Thanks. I had a really good time. Just a bit difficult to sit and chat as the boys are all over the place. hahaha... also I did not want to get too near to boyboy in case he catches the bugs from me or the boys.

Actually for me the prep-time was just as fun. I love doing party packs, actually. So glad you like the stuff I put together.

Will put a post on this next. :)

Oh, today is the day - 6th. :)

hissychick said...

A belated comment...Happy Birthday Kathie!

Our Jouneys.... said...

It's ok...just wonder why suddenly u so quite over my blog...not angry coz i postted Sponsor a brick yah?

Anyway take care

pepperboy said...

Happy Birthday!! It's officially the 6th here anyways. :P

The cupcakes look yummy. Hope you had a good one. :)

Angelia said...

Happy birthday (for yday) :) and thank you for inviting us on sat, was a lovely time, despite almost throwing k down the stairs in his stroller HAHAA

Nice to meet everyone and to ann for letting me cuddle a baby again :) Glad he finally fell asleep on my well padded shoulder ;)

Hubby said to me, aiyo please dont tell me u r gng to get broody again hehehehhehee...

your party packs are so gorgeous! :) Now I have to plan k's party!

A gift from God said...

hey Kathie...

Waiting for your latest posting on the picnic party!... I seriously wished I was there too...and thank you so much for the party packs..

Moomykin said...


Thanks. I am 36!

Must get the babies coming before I run out of energy to run after them! Hahaha...


our journeys...

Sorry I did not have time to leave a comment or contact you.

Will do asap.

p/s- Mark and family dropped by on Sunday. Maybe I'll sponsor s few bricks through him or his mom.

Moomykin said...


Thank you.

Actually I "pinjam" that cupcakes photo from Gadget-daddy's birthday post. Some people might notice. That's because I have not got a shot of my cake then. Coming soon...

Moomykin said...


So glad you all had a good time. It's not the usual party with games, etc, but I thought I'd like to introduce the science center to you all. Great place to hang out with the kids. There's actually a lot more to see. Next time school hols, we make a date, ok?


a gift from god,

Thanks for the gift.

Glad you like the stuff. We missed you.

p/s- Hope you like the potty too.

chel said...

happy belated birthday kaima!! forgot to sms u that day..

Moomykin said...


Thanks, sweety.

We miss you. Don't see you much these days.
Luv ya.