Monday, 14 April 2008

Found it!

Ann, Florence,

Just to let you know I did manage to find the hand cream.
Just late in uploading the photos. Sorry.

Also the plant my sis-in-law gave for my birthday now sits by the gate's light.

The other thing is that I went for a badminton game on Sunday evening. I felt I needed some exercise badly. I was good work out, but as expected, now my right arm ache as well as my hip joints. In fact, after the first round of warm up, my lower arm was already complaining that I'm pushing it too hard.

I actually would like to go for badminton every Sunday from now, but Sunday is grandma's day off. Hmm...Where to find a baby sitter for a couple of hours?

Need a "Found It" for that. ;)


U.Lee said...

Hi Kathie, nice plants. What you call them? You have a nice day, Kathie, best regards, Lee.

neomesuff said...

wah..pretty preety plants

you could go to badminton at night..need not be on sunday only ;-)

Mummy-yeoh said...

I remembered I went for a swim with Sara and Daddy-yeoh after a looooong time staying unfit. My joints hurt after that...haha.

You playing with FMC members? You can ask someone not playing to keep an eye on the boys while you are playing. Or get you brother in law to help for 2 hours or so.

Ann said...

Bring them along and get them to pick up the shuttlecocks!!!

Else let them have their own game at the sideline!

Angelia said...

if only u lived nearer hun, can always help u out :)

enjoy the badders, moooomy only time :)

A gift from God said...

Oh...exercise is good... I know too much about the aches after a good workout! haah... once I over did it and it hurts soooo much till i can't sleep the whole night! crazy..

Fern said...

Kin, are u playing this sunday?
Come come come, i haven;t been playing with you for many years.

Moomykin said...


Yes, it is a pretty plant. I have yet to find out what's the English name for the plant but the Chinese name sound like lots of successful offsprings. Apparently a CNY plant, so my MIL says.

You have good day too. :)



Actually night time is the time I need to be with them. Do stuff with them then they will be more willing to go to bed. They need some time to read and play with Mommy first.

Also, can't depend on my in-laws to make sure the boys brush their teeth. Got Night duty all the time.

Moomykin said...


Yeah, am playing with FMC people. Played mostly with the Ongs last Sunday.

If only one boy comes it may be possible to get someone to keep an eye on them, but you know they are so active and loves exploring, it'll be a tough job for others to handle.

My bro-in-law always got his things to do-laa... If I really need to, I think it'll be easier to ask my mom and sister. Hahaha...



I wish the boys would comply,but before you know it they'd have disappear out of sight. Too bored in the playing hall.

Also not ready to take up a new sport. Not always following instructions. Rather come up with their own rules. Hahaha...

Moomykin said...


Thanks. really appreciate the offer, but I can't imagine you guys with 5 boys under one roof. It's sure to be a circus if not a zoo!!

Do wish we stay nearer, though, then we can meet more often. :)


a gift from god,

Can't sleep? My, that must have been really over-exerting yourself.

I actually love sports, but really no time and no "kaki" to do stuff with. Now I am wondering if I can find a place to swim regularly.

Moomykin said...


hope to see you there some time. :)

Angelia said...

hahaha Im used to having my house invaded lah.. two more kids wont make tooooo muhc of a diff, compared to the 10 kids I had once.. that one pening! LOL

Moomykin said...


10 kids?!! Did you have a whip to crack over their head? Hahaha...
Hope that was a party of some sort, or some neighbours stopping to chat and all their kids and yours just decided to hang out too. :)

I am really amazed at how you do this. My 2 boys also I sometimes pening already... but also got the 2 other adults who also make me pening sometimes. Hahaha...

Angelia said...

haha the kids have a playroom of sorts and things are "cordoned" off (come see my house sometime hehe), so they can all wreck havoc and the mums can chitchat. we have meet ups every so often. I think the most we had in this house was 20kids? I've only handled 8 kids on my own and the kids were older a bit (Js age). Learn to close one eye a bit hehehe

Moomykin said...

We must visit you some time. You know how hard it is sometimes to get gadget-daddy on a free and easy Saturday. :) Must bug him, and come see you soon.

Angelia said...

do leave him behind :) haha come yourself lah.. you do drive right?

Moomykin said...


yes, I drive, but I'm sure he'd like to see you guys too, and would not want to miss the chance to catch up with you and your cuddly-daddy too.

Will call to make a date. :)

Angelia said...

yes lets meet :) It would be fun!