Monday, 14 April 2008

Look, Ma, My Hands!!

Micah and Mommy had some fun with his hands last Friday.

This was because I was trying to reduce some sparks flying between the two brothers, fighting over something... can't remember. So I pulled Micah away and said, come lets do something special. So out came the papers and a pen and we did this:

The funny thing is we did that animal thingi first (that spotty creature on the right with the tongue sticking out).
I was thinking of drawing a dog (like how you do with shadow play), then it turned out like a giraffe, but Micah said it's a chicken. (???)
So we decided to go the second round and he was delighted with the space rocket blasting some asteroids away. He loved the astronauts you can see at the windows.

Then Max wanted to join us and did a tiny scribble on the astronauts and got Micah jumping like nuts. So I consoled him and said we'll do it again.

We wanted to try drawing another spaceship, and maybe with more asteroids, but some how this time his hand curved a little differently and when he lifted it Mommy exclaimed:

It's Malaysia!! The places named are the places he has been to and remembers for special things we did. He wanted to have the flag drawn and some men carrying it like in a parade.

(Oh, that's Micah's writing - his name - on the paper. I just got him started on this about a week, telling him he could then sign for birthday cards, etc. on his own. He actually got the 'C' curved the other way and I wrote for him the correct 'C' and helped him see that his writing could be rescued even if the 'A" is curvy. Hehehe..)

Then we tried something different, two hands. And out came a spider. I drew the web and he asked, "Where is the insect he caught? (I drew one) Draw more." Then I think he had pity for the flies and said, "This is a friendly spider, ok? He will set all the other flies free."

Well, that's my boy. My sensitive boy. A boy with a big heart.

P/s- I think you know the kids are interested in writing and drawing when you see writings on the wall! This is Micah writing his name on the wall. Our graffiti gallery is birthed!


neomesuff said...

tulah..there goes our preety walls hehe

Ann said...

Oh how sweet of him....concerning the spider of course...not the graffiti!!! Your inlaws were not jumping mad? :)

Moomykin said...


well, the paint can re-do them, but their experience is actually quite enriching.

When we use to stay in a rented flat in Bukit Bintang, my sister and I (I was about 4-5 years old) would draw on all the walls, our art gallery! hahaha...



spider: Yeah, Micah wants the whole world to be good and happy. Wish it was so...

graffiti: FIL probably grumbling to himself under his breath, but no one has said anything aloud.