Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Science Lab: Ah Mah's House

Some things just happen, unplanned, but it's probably the best life lessons we have had this week:

My boys had their first encounter with the manual juicer.

I was eating an orange at my mum's and Micah asked for some juice to be squeezed into his cup. He actually just had some juice from a box. So since the orange were already quartered, I squeezed them with my hand. The he asked for more. So Ah Mah got out another fruit and her ever faithful glass juicer.

After one fruit squeezed and drunk, Micah asked for more. This time, Max wanted to see what all the fuss was too. So like an experiment in a lab, both the boys got a go at squeezing, pouring (yes, spilling some too) and drinking fresh-hand-squeezed orange juice.

As we were washing up, Micah noticed two funnels at the sink and insisted he wanted to try them out. I was hesitant, as we were suppose to head home (grandma already looking tired) but I let him have some time on his own with the funnel in the bath room while I packed up our stuff. A funnel, a bottle, a cup and a built in tank in the bathroom. The only thing that I was upset about was water wasted when he spilled, rather, over filled the cup before pouring it through the funnel.

Then as we were leaving, Micah headed for the Ixora bush just by the gate. We had done this some time back, but now it was like a refreshers' course for him. Tasting what a butterfly eats: nectar straight from the flower. The first few flowers were dry, so no nectar. The we tried another bunch of flowers. Mmmm...mmmm. Heaven made delight!

Pretty good science class today. Tasty one too.


JLow said...

Aahhh... the joys and benefits of being a stay at home parent...

I wish I had the time for this and your other adventures. I would personally like to have a personal touch / personal guidance in what my kids do, see, hear, absorb.

As it is, I only have, maybe, 3 contact hours with Caitlin a day, and that's not necessarily alone time with her (dinner, car ride home, last milkies for the night)

Ann said...

I used to do that to the Ixora bush too! it is good that they have nature classes and science classes and all that with mummy!

Good job. Good job.

Moomykin said...


The grass is always greener on the other side, my friend. NO doubt I would find no greater reward than what I am doing, but I also suffer other wise:
Lack of Social life, financial security, some other intellectually stimulating discourse with other adults, Closing a project and shelving that for good, clock out!!

So we are on the reverse. The amount of time you have with Caitlin is about that I have to myself. hahaha....

p/s- That's why sometimes you see me posting my comments on ungodly hours. Yes. it's after everyone is asleep and I steal some time from sleep for my need to be a person. :)

Moomykin said...


Thanks, for the compliment.

Yeah, I remember it was my dad who showed my sister and I this "trick" and now I am proud to pass it on to my kids.

(I always marvel at these happy discoveries. Isn't our Creator amazing?!!)