Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Sick Because I'm DBKL

The bugs have finally caught hold of me... actually the rest of us.

Max has been having running nose off and on for the last month. Sometimes he wakes up with a drippy nose and sometimes he seems all well till like 6pm. Then he'll be like all well for two days and then it'll start all over again. We had actually finished two batches of medication from two different doctors and then I decided he needed a break from all the drugs. So I stopped all medication for a couple of weeks, but today, because Micah woke up with a cough and sore throat, we took both the boys to the doctors again.

Grandma had been coughing for the last week and over the last weekend she actually had fever for two days. I, too, have been coughing occasionally for the last week. This evening I started sneezing and a bit of a running nose too.

I think the reason we are sick is because of our close contact with the boys, namely sharing food. They eat our food, share our drinks, we feed them and taste the food sometimes. But MOSTLY I believe it's because we tend to finish their food for them when they don't. DBKL.

So where did this nasty habit come from?

So far I have always seen all parents finish their children's food. When we were kids, I knew my parents sometimes finish our food, and sometimes our maid did it too. As nasty as it sounds, we sometimes even pop their spat out food, from their mouth into our hand, right into our mouth, namely sweets and not so mushed-up food like fishball, etc. - all depends on where we are and how easily it is to get to the rubbish bin.

So is it a surprise that we should fall sick when they do? We are, of course, more careful if we are sick and they are not, that we try to keep them of our food stuff and avoid close contact as far as we can.

So why do we finish their food? Is it because of economic reasons, or a sense of conscience that food should not be wasted? Is it just by examples set by our forefathers?

I have personally known only one family where the kids and parents don't have this kind of "close" relationship. They occasionally share a drink, but the parents will have their own food and the children theirs. And if the kids don't want to eat any more, it is left to be taken away. And from this example I think the reason we are DBKL is because it's all out of economic reason. This family I knew were very wealthy (I mean they own a private jet, that type). They seem more concern of hygiene and looking their very best all the time.

Oh, my head is now throbbing and telling me it's time to shut down my computer (brain) and let the body try to recover. Yes, I have taken my pills.

Good night.

p/s- Sorry for the abrupt end.. my eyes too...zzzz....


InfanT said...

good rest kin. drink more water n take vitamin C.
god bless!

Angelia said...

:( hope you feel better soon hun!

Im also guilty of finishing up the kids food generally, unless we are sick, then no. I don't like being wasteful. Can u imagine, I will eat less, just in case I have to finish off kids food. So if they do finish theirs off, good also lah, diet ;)

Lots of liquids, vit C, if u can get echanica (sp?) and the horseradish/garlic tablets (Blackmores), available in guardian. That is an amazing "faster" remedy and natural too :)

JLow said...

Caitlin's also be unwell for a few weeks now. Like you guys, she's even finished a whole bottle of cough meds already, yet she is still coughing.

And, indulgent Daddee is also guilty of adjusting the air-cond over the weekend to Caitlin's fancy of wanting it to be colder: She now has a very gooey drippy nose.

You are right about being the household DBKL. I for one have popped Caitlin's food too. It's just such a waste sometimes. Thus far, fingers crossed, I am still well.

Do take care, you guys. Ensure lots of water and rest in the meantime.

Ann said...

Awww...poor folks! Take lots of rest, liquids and vits.

Hope everyone gets well soon and all at once so that they bug will not create a vicious cycle!

You know flu bugs mutate too quickly!

And on food....even now, I finish up boyboy's baby cereal with fruit or his fish. Totally due to economical reasons and not to waste. Hope daddy will be taking up this role later on when he starts eating more solids and not me! Chances are we will just order for one.

Moomykin said...

Thanks, all, for all your well wishes. We are all drugged, so the boys are asleep and it's my turn soon... Just one short post... ;D