Monday, 7 April 2008

Not yet

I went back to the doctors for a check up in the afternoon while the boys napped.

All seems OK under the scan and was advised to wait for 3 months before we try for another baby. We had hoped to get started immediately, trying to time one for Gadget-daddy's birthday present next year ;) but looks like it might be my birthday present instead. :)

When I got home the boys were up. Micah greeted me with,
"So, mum, is the baby a boy or a girl?"
"No baby, yet, darling. The doctor said tot wait a little while more."
"Max, No baby yet."
Max echoed, "No baby yet?"
Mommy replied, "No. Not yet."
Max, tugging at me hand, "Come Mommy, come on."

I was then invited to play with them.

No baby yet.


A gift from God said...

I really salute you and hubby... One is already a handful for me!!! And you are all so eagerly planning for number 3!!! :)

Ann said...

oh...that would have been a very nice bday present indeed! Maybe telling him the good news could be the bday present instead of the actual-in-person!

Will pray hard for your coming daughter...and mine! :)

hissychick said...

Thinking of you. Good luck when the time is right :)

Moomykin said...

a gift from god,

One is too lonely for the poor kid. Two is fun and 3 would be a carnival. We plan to have four (if age permits, also check with God), and we'll have a circus!! :)



Yeah, a girl would be so lovely! :)

Don't tell my boys this, but we've wanted a girl right from the start, yet we are ever thankful for the 2 wonderful boys. :)



Thanks. :)

Will sure keep you all posted.