Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Two Tornados and A Tsunami

Grandma's toughest day today, I think.

In the morning, as I was about to step out of the room after my shower, Gadget-daddy noticed my face. It's the face of a pipe about to burst. So he sat me down and we had a chat.

Then I heard some yelling downstairs, straighten my hair and came down to see what was Grandma so upset about.

The two tornadoes had wreaked havoc in the hall. Cushions were all over the floor, my bag, a few clothing items, and even Grandma's quilt. Micah was giggling uncontrollably and Max was saying repeatedly, "mess every where" with the cheekiest look on his face. Grandma was now swinging them in their bouncy-thingi and complaining to me.

Eventually Max feel asleep. I gave Micah his lunch then went out to get some milk and chicken.
When I arrived home, I decided to leave the car outside so that the boys will have space to cycle and play later. As I came to the front door, I hear Grandma calling out in a threatening tone, "Good! Your Mommy's home."

I walked in with half the groceries and found both the boys in their bouncy-thingi again but splotches of water all over the place.
"It's a tsunami," Micah informed me.

Grandma's report:
Micah woke Max up as I left and teased him and made him cry by saying I had gone out without him. then, as Max went to seek out Grandma for some consolation, Micah made his way out to the porch and played with water, doing the breaststroke on the porch. Max, delighted at the new endeavor, was with his brother in a flash.

Grandma took Max in to clean him up first, as he is just recovering from his running nose. when he was all good and clean, she took Micah in for a clean up. As she was finishing she heard an unusual sound outside. She came out and to her horror, Max was playing fire-fighter at the dining area. He had turned on the toilet hose and was spraying water out through the bathroom doorway. He then proceeded to swim in the hall too. Grandma got him changed and quarantined both the boys in their bouncy-thingi. She would have locked them in jail if she could I'm sure.

So while we both mopped up the floor, she scolded all the way.

Now I gotta get back to see what those two are doing.

These two know who they can bully.


JLow said...
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JLow said...

I think it was Amy who left me this wise statement: They smell fear.

And I will extend this notion further: Then, they will capitalise on that and bully the fearful.

Show no fear, I say!

Moomykin said...

Hahaha... Good one.

I think they just know that Grandma is one who will wield the cane but never do any damage with it.

Ann said...


Reckon I would have blown off my top!!!

But maybe that would have stopped them in their naughty little tracks!

OH LORD...please let my next one be an angle of a GIRL!

Moomykin said...


I was mulling over the incident while putting out the laundry and I realised this:

You need to be with them, be pro-active and keep them occupied with fun and silly but safe stuff and also educational stuff. Basically, be with them so they'll not be bored and come up with such brilliant ideas.

But of course we are not Always with them... so I suppose on hind sight, when all is cleared and since no one was hurt, we can all laugh about it. :)