Friday, 18 April 2008

Surprise: Good Eating.

Micah is a picky eater and so on days when he actually eats quite well, I am relieved and feel triumphant.

On a good day he will have three proper, solid food meals. Occasionally, he'll surprise me with four. On a bad day it'll be just one solid meal, usually breakfast, and milk and biscuits or cakes for the rest of the day. On those bad days, forcing him to eat will mean he'll throw up whatever he had had, including milk.

Today, for breakfast, he had 6oz of milk and some cookies in the car on the way to play group. Snack time at playgroup he had a cup of Milo and half a biscuit. He then said he wanted pasta at Marco's. So we headed there. I was amazed that he ate so well. Actually he really likes the pasta there and has never disappointed me.

Then surprise surprise, he had pizza! Micah is not adventurous when it comes to food. Anything that is too chewy, anything that is pasty or things that could tickle his throat, like pop corn, he'll spit out and refuse to eat any more. Sometimes it may even make him vomit. So pizza is really good progress! He had half a slice: thick crust, ham, and cheese. :)

Then dinner the boys had grandma's chicken rice, and both ate a bowl full each! that's reason for celebration for Mommy!

Feeding is always a concern for Mommies. From breastfeeding, to cereals and then solids. What they eat, what they don't eat. What must be eaten and must not. I try not to bee to fussy, let them try as many different things, but each child is so different.

Max loves our local sweet sticky cakes, kuihs, and he loves rice and occasionally fruits like banana, mango, apple and longan. He loves nasi lemak and all kinds of biscuits. He loves, most of all sweets! But he can't stand any kind of milk unless it's chocolate or strawberry flavoured.

The best to make for everyone is their alphabet pasta in ABC soup, or dry noodles... but we can't have those every meal, so... we just pray they'll eat well anyway.


Angelia said...

I soooooooooooo know how this feels. J1 is a fussy eater, j2 isnt so bad but has his moments. k.. pretty much eats us all out of house and home LOL

it's such a tough time trying to think of things to masak etc. but YAY for micah :D (or was it max? lol)

Moomykin said...

Micah is the picky eater, like his Daddy.

Max is very like my family, enjoys all kinds of food all the time. :)

hissychick said...

E is shaping up to be that much fussier than her big sister A....who just loves to eat. We actually have to reign her in!

NOw that A is older we've introduced the concept of strong foods, occasional foods, favourites and thankyou bites. What this means is that is she is being fussy over the usual things like vegetables, we tell her that they are strong foods that she needs to grow. As in "broccoli may not be your favourite, but we eat it to grow strong". She asks us about food in return eg "Do you like carrots" to which i will honestly reply "it's not my favourite, but i eat some to grow strong". This way she is learning that you don't always eat what you love all of the time and that foods that aren't as delicious as chocolate are important!

If she is suspicious of a new dish on her plate we ask her to take one thankyou bite to acknowledge that someone has cooked the food to eat. Often a thankyou bite will lead to a second attempt.

Who knows what we will do with E though. She is totally unpredicatble interms of what she will eat and how much at any given moment.

Angelia said...

oh I like that idea hissychick! useful idea for future use :)

Moomykin said...


Oh, I so like the idea of strong food and thank you bites. That's so good. Thank you for sharing.

Max is the one we will have to put him on ration on sweets. He'll raid the fridge and hunt out any hidden treats.

Getting back to strong food, Hmm... must get Gadget-daddy to demo some too. Hahaha...

Moomykin said...


Glad you popped in again and found something helpful too. :)

My Hubby said very busy coming week and almost all our May weekends are taken. So shall call for maybe end Apirl meet, ok?

Angelia said...

haha end of april means next weekend, sweetie :)

Ann said...

Where did you get the alphabet pasta? It is so easy to cook and good for the kids too!

Glad that Max is eating well. I guess Micah will too one day.

But having a sweet tooth can be quite a troublesome thing. I know coz I was one too when I was young and got pretty upset when I couldn't eat all the ice creanm in the world!

But looks like I am making up for it now! :)

Moomykin said...


Oops. I know...I am kinda like one week behind time. Actually missed a seminar I wanted to attend on the 12th and thought last weekend was the 12th rather than 19th.

Maybe we catch you on a Sunday. See what Gadget-daddy's schedule's like.

Moomykin said...


I got the alphabet pasta from the village grocer at Bangsar Village. It's in a blue label pack, can ask Florence for the brand name (Sorry I forgot what it is).

So glad that their appetite is coming along well, but Micah still picky. I actually give them a multivit plus liasin that supposedly increases their appetite. Doc's prescription.

For my boys, when you can be responsible for your own dental care you can eat all the sweets you want. Hahaha...