Saturday, 26 April 2008

Why Have Kids?

Life would really be a whole lot simpler and more fun if you have no such attachments as your kids.

You could travel the world with the one you love and do all sorts of exciting things like bungee jumping, skiing, or try sky diving. What about trying out different roller-coasters at fabulous theme-parks the whole day and enjoy some scrumptious bites with live music, topped with delicious wine.

You could also do other interesting "boring" things like spending a whole day at an art museum, or maybe two; sit and read in the park under perfect weather or do a movie marathon of your favorite movie genre or actor/actress.

If I have no kids, I can imagine how many parties and picnics I would hold for all different groups of friends. Play board games all night till the rooster crows, take midnight drives to have breakfast in a small town, and take up new hobbies. Of course, for me, I would also want to be involved in some kind of a group where I would want to champion their cause for a better tomorrow for a less fortunate group.

So why have kids?
How to have them and relate yourself to the rest of the world?
To the rest of your own world?

Some parents feel the need to have their kids look good, so they look good, so they compete in everything with the neighbours' kids, etc.
Some feel they need to have their back patted by others, including strangers, so they make sure kids behave in a certain way.
Some have super careers in mind for them and have planned out every step towards that career, so that they can be the man/woman behind this successful person.
Some just want to live their unfulfilled dreams through their kids.
And there are also those who have kids to carry on the family's name, to take care of them in their old age, or to do their burial rites.
(Of course there are those who had no plans of being a parent, but Oops! an accident happened..)

My sister who is single, at one time thought of adopting a girl of her own. Well, those were the days when we were actually still relatively young - college going kids ourselves. (My family actually grew up with lots of younger cousins and we have always loved kids. Plus this sister of mine worked in a school environment for a few years and had encounters with kids from 3+ to 16 year olds. Oh, and she had two stints involving kindy children.)

Now that both her sisters have kids, she has found the best alternative to being without a child: Play with your sisters' and then give them back.
A few hours of fun and maybe some drama. Occasionally play the role of a disciplinarian and sometimes a nurse. But the best part really, is to have lots of reason to indulge your own temptation to buy something cute or interesting for what is marked "3+" on the label.

I can say this because, honestly, if I were in her shoes, I'd do the same thing too.
But I am, obviously, in a different pair of shoes.

Gadget-daddy also grew up in an environment with lots of younger kids and babies. His mom was a babysitter, and a few of the children actually stayed in with them through the week except on weekends.

So for us, Why have kids?
Easy to answer. We love kids.

But if you want a more motivated reason as to why you should still have kids on an already over-populated planet, Then this is my answer:

Considering the rate of uncared-for children, abandoned physically or in other terms of needs;
Considering how the world is looking for the No.1 - I,
Considering all the crime rates and poverty,
Considering all the exploitation of nature and mankind,
Considering the frequency of natural disasters these days,
Considering how thew world seem to be heading to "Doomsday"...

We should have children and have them brought up with Godly values and love for people and this planet so that our dreams and vision of a better world will be carried on beyond our graves.
They are the future, as the future is theirs.


Angelia said...

:) Its hard work but the blessings are infinite :)

Moomykin said...

That's so so true.

Ann said...

If Godly parents do not have kids, then how can we create a generatin of poeple who can contribute to loving those who have no one to love them and to give to those who do not have anything?

Moomykin said...


There are of course other channels of passing on our visions and missions through people who share the same passion.

This is actually with thought of people who think this world is already too populated and too terrible to have their child brought up in.