Thursday, 10 April 2008

She is More Romantic than He

Munsgather suggested I do a list of this, so here goes...

Her Subject that particular blog was "Why She is more Romantic than He"? And this was my response...

1. Kiss him when you hand him his drink and say “you’re welcome.”

2. Make him give you a good back scrub in the shower, tell him you NEED his help.

3. Wear scented lotion after shower and ask him which arm smells nicer (can just use same lotion on both arms. ;))

4. Send him an e-card to tell him you love him, on any given day.

5. Hold his hand when falling asleep in bed.


6. Stare at him, study his features and drink them in. When he looks back at you, wink at him.
Or send him a flying kiss.

7. Cut his toe nails. Squeeze the toes when you're all done. (This is actually quite sensational.)

8. Touch his face, then tell him if he needs to shave or not.

9. Send him an SMS everyday to tell him you love him.
Send him one just after he leaves and tell him you miss him already.

10. Remind him if he has not kissed you when he got back from work. Should he be like a block of wood, then say, "Nevermind. I kiss you first." And kiss him well and good for a few good seconds.

11. Cuddle on the sofa, or sit on his lap, even with the kids around. It's good for them to know you're so in love with each other.

( Ok. Not wanting to burn brain cells on this. Gadget-daddy on his way home.)

These were the things we did while dating.
I thought it "normal" but my best friend declared them "romantic." *shrugging-my-shoulders*

Buy a drink and sit and chat in the car as it is going though the car wash.

Pack his favourite sandwich and bottled drink and make a date for lunch. Take him to a park for a picnic.

Hold hands all the time whenever our hands are free.

Shall just end here with this:

My best Valentine's day? He cooked for me.... waaay back in our early courting days.

Update (10 April, 12.15pm):
To add to the list:

12. Play footsie in bed before you sleep or when you're trying to get out of bed at those terrible body-protesting hours.

13. Make eyes at each other across the room, even when it's filled with friends and relatives. If you want to be more obvious and make him spill his drink, blow him a kiss. And if you dare, do a wiggle dance. ;)


mumsgather said...

Walaueh, very the romantic. I'll link to you in my post. Thanks.

Ann said...

It is indeed good when romance is alive in the marriage...

strange for me to say since I thought I will always be romantic by nature....but being romantic with my hubby seems to be all 'weird' to me now!


Moomykin said...


Gadget-daddy can be very romantic sometimes, but don't count on getting flowers. Hahaha...

But it's ok. I get flowers for myself if I see some very nice and not too expensive. Like some flowers now and then on the dining table.

More importantly he listens, he comforts and makes me laugh.

Moomykin said...


Wierd?! Hahaha.. ok. I didn't expect that. Well, can start with the mild, like making eyes at each other, or playing footsie in bed. :)

Oohh...must add those to the list.

JLow said...


From a guy's point of view!

A gift from God said... romantic... I have done some of the above mentioned...but hubby very woodenlah....

Mummy-yeoh said...

My hubby may seem wooden but he can be quite romantic too...:)

Moomykin said...


What do you mean by "HHHMMMmmmm"?

Sorry the computer has no expressions so I can't make out what you're trying to imply.

Please do give us a guys point of view.

Moomykin said...

a gift from god,

I don't think we need to be romantic all the time. These are just for when the time and mood is right. Most important of all is that you enjoy being together and know how to show some appreciation.



I don't know of any man who is romantic all the time, most of them are very practical and I think that helps the family function well. Hahaha... sound so mechanical.

But seriously, some romance is better than no romance.
Worse still I know of a couple of friends whose relationship with the spouse is actually stressful most of the time. That is just sad.

JLow said...


I did do some of the above with the ex..
- turned up with flowers when she had the flu
- I planned a weekend away for us, didn't tell her where, only to pack for the weekend..

After we got serious / living together:
- hold hands while in bed, at start of bedtime or just middle-of-night self-wakings
- give full body massages
- glances across crowded room, depending on mood, the glances can be cheeky, naughty, how-u-doing / need rescuing?, there you are, etc
- midnight runs for fresh milk, taking our time getting there and back
- holding each other tightly whilst walking back to the car in the cold winter wind, after a nice night out
- proposed... in the afterglow

Okay, many don't know this: I am remarried. Divorced from the first marriage with no kids... But as many of you know, Hot Mummee is the woman now!

Things I would like to do:
- put make up on her
- have a private photography session at home, her being the star (nothing Edison Chan style); and if there are good shots, blow them up as wall portrait (while breaking up, ex asked for one that I took!)
- wash her hair for her
- foot rubs
- go out more often for nice all-dressed-up dinners; bit difficult now with the little ones in our lives now; usually it's also Daddee who misses them!
.. can't think of anymore at the moment.

I won't say which I have done (repeated) with Hot Mummee!

neomesuff said... has been quite a while we've not gone thru those points..sigh

Moomykin said...


Nice. Keep the fire going, you two.
Gadget-daddy has done some pretty nice things for me too.

It's just that it's gotta be both ways, like I said the other day:
appreciate her, make her happy, and she will pamper you. ;)

Have a good weekend.

p/s- Looks like you've been into photography quite a while now, aye?



...But you are so superbly humorous and easy to be with...

Maybe you should start the ball rolling for you guys again. ;)