Sunday, 20 July 2008

Back From Jakarta

How was Jakarta...?

So we were in Jakarta, stayed in a very nice 5 star hotel, which was pretty near Gadget-daddy's office (5 minutes walk) and we achieved the main purpose of our trip.

The main purpose of our trip?
To spend more time with Gadget-daddy and to see what Jakarta is like.

Spend more time with Gadget-daddy we definitely did. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner with him, and he took us out every night.

If you were ask the boys whether they like Jakarta, they will give you a resounding "Yes." But I will have to qualify that.

The only touristy thing we actually did was to go to Sea World. We spent two hours there and it was pretty fun to hang out there. We got back to the hotel in time to see a bit of Gadget-daddy who packed luch for us: Singapore fried kueh-teow (fettucini - sp?).

The rest of the days we were there, the boys mainly...

took nice long baths in a huge bathtub twice a day;
played with their toys;
read some books;
did some drawings;
played in the hotel's garden at level 3;
Micah took one cold swim in their pool; and
Micah also watched quite a bit of TV while Max and Mommy played together.

So if you were to ask the boys if they like Jakarta, it'll be yes, for having a lovely stay at the hotel and seeing more of their father.

as informed, the air quality is quite poor.
Every morning I look out of the window and I see how thick the haze actually is. Sometimes it clears later in the day.

Traffic is madness.
You think KL drivers are crazy ... Well, I've been driving for 18 years and I think if I'm to drive in Jakarta, I'm sure to have some minor accidents (scratch some one's car, or motorcycle, or have a few fender-bender) in A DAY! All the drivers weave in and out, and there's a certain main road, where I think there are only 2 lanes, but the drivers make it a 3 or 4 lane road.

Dry and dusty.
I think we always complain about out country's humidity - makes us sweat easily, etc. - but there it's dry and dusty. After 2 days, I suffered cracked lips, despite drinking a lot of water.

Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia are actually quite different. Mainly terminology. Sometimes I just speak English and don't bother to try BM because they just stare at you blank, or they'll reply you but it all sounds like gibberish. Then both parties will have the total-blank look on our faces. Quite hilarious, some times.

Sorry, will have to stop short here. Brain protesting, wanting to turn off already.
All the guys are asleep. My turn to hit the hay.

Just one more thing before I go,
A realization - about food:

When we are in a country where their currency is stronger to ours, we don't waste anything because everthing is so expensive.
When you're in a poorer country, you don't waste anything because there are so many poor who have no good food.


JLow said...

Welcome back!

Never been to Jakarta but I have been to Bangkok and Mumbai. I'd expect your description of the traffic would be similar in these two cities...

And when I am in a poor country, I feel a tad funny going to their expensive restaurants..

Cuddly Family said...

welcome back!!! :)

I've been to Jakarta twice and It's not somewhere.. I like visiting lor.

glad the kids enjoyed themselves also lah..

So what now?

Ann said...

Welcome back (3) !!!

I heard loads of horror stories about Jakarta's traffic!! Guess minor accidents will be a norm to you if you drive there! It's acceptable! :)

Glad the kids had fun. Hope you had a good rest too in the hotel!

A gift from God said...

Welcome back....

I was told they have some very good International schools... :)

Did you manage to check out the some?

Mummy-yeoh said...

Hi! Wanted to catch up with you on Sudnay but you guys left early. Did you manage to check out all you need to know like schools, house etc? I think apart from the stress, it can be rather exciting to find out about a new place, right?

Our Jouneys.... said...

Welcome back...i thot u will check out the place that you guys will be staying when you move there?

Is the food cheap? I like the dry noddles (instant)from Indonesia. Next time when you come from Indonesia, pls buy some for me...

July 26 confirmed right for dinner...we need to coordinate wat food to bring...we plan to bring roast chicken....can u do rice and another dish?

Moomykin said...



Yes, I think these are some of the major cities in the world famous also for bad traffic conditions.

I know what you mean about feeling "funny", but it's also the safer places to eat sometimes.


cuddly family,


For the time being we are still holding back on moving for as long as possible.

So, most likely, we will be here till end of September.

Moomykin said...


actually for all the times I've been in a taxi, at least once a day if not twice, we have not encountered any accidents ourselves nor did we witness any. Guess they are really good drivers!

We had fun in the hotel, but not much for resting.


a gift from god,

they have very good international schools there, but it's very far from where we are (an hour's drive or more) and it costs a bomb.

I looked at some ads in their yellow-pages, but did not actually go to a school.

Moomykin said...

mummy yeoh,

well, I did not actually got to do that as we were on our own and I really don't fancy taking a cab ride with 2 cheeky boys and trying to get to a school/center with no clue at all what to look for.

Jakarta is not the best place in the world to bring up your kids,security wise especially, but we will need to do what we can to keep this family close.


our journey,


where we stayed everything was catered for expats so everything was pricey. Maybe next round we'll do better in trying to get "into" the local scene. :)

Looking forward to meeting you.