Thursday, 31 July 2008

For the One with a Broken Heart

The tears are pouring
Like the raindrops dropping
In the madness of a storm
Waiting for a rainbow
After the rain
That never seems to appear.

Will anyone ever know
Where tears were mingled with rain?
Will anyone ever know
The real pain of your soul?
Will anyone ever know
The nights your pillows were soaked in tears?
Will anyone ever know
Will anyone ever know...

Pain and sorrow may linger...

But time will heal all wounds
And scars will tell their tales
Rainbows do appear and
Hope will give new life.

You will smile
And laugh again...
In time
In time to come.

Dedicated especially to my friend.


Ann said...

when the heart bares it soul,
words easily flow....
No reason to fear,
words spoken too clear....
For healing to take place
one must live bravely out the days...

Hope your friend is alright!

Moomykin said...


Thank you.

Thank you for sharing the poet in you too.