Monday, 14 July 2008

It's The Kids

After all the exchange on stress of moving, I'ts come down to this: Yes, it's because of the kids.

If I was to make the trip, or make the move.

Gadget-daddy and I were talking about our up-coming trip (1 day to go and counting).
So, IF I were to travel without the kids, I'd be really excited.

Walk around the city with a map;
Visit a local wet market;
Try out their local food;
Buy back a bag of raw emping belinjo;
Hunt for batik;
Eat salak fruit to my heart's content;
Maybe check out a spa and try their traditional massage...

With the boys, to play it safe, we will ...
Spend some time at the hotel's pool;
Check out some of the shopping malls;
maybe check out an easy local tour, or hire a driver for the day;
maybe visit a school, or for mommy to call and chat with them over the phone;
Move around by taxi.
Do one thing a day.

Hope it'll be memorable for the kids.
At least we will see more of Gadget-daddy this week than if we were to stay home.


Ann said... are leaving tommorrow? Hope you have fun and that you and the boys will be safe and happy!!!

Their first time to a foreign place ya!

And I agree, more of Gadget Daddy is a good thing.

Moomykin said...


Thanks. It's their first time to a place where we have no friends or relatives to meet up with.

But we really enjoyed having Gadget-daddy with us for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus some bath time and some bed time. It was very good.