Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Rainy Days

So the raining season is here... again.

The boys, especially Micah, had wanted to go to the park. But it actually rained the whole day today. Mainly drizzle, but that was enough to keep us all in doors.

It was actually very disappointing for the boys, because a couple of times they mentioned they wanted to go out, and Mommy, looked our of the window and said, "Yes, lets", only to stop at the door because the porch told of non-stop of a drizzle.

So we spend the whole evening playing with cars, building blocks, trains and more building blocks.

I was actually stalling for time with Micah. Again he skipped his nap, so I kept his distracted until about 8pm. Good time for him to hit the hay.

I also had to turn off the air-conditioner earlier as it's a little chilly and I could hear Max, while sleeping, having a bit of a stuffed nose.

(Arrgh. Having problems uploading my photos. Waste of time... will update on that later.)


JLow said...

Yes, it is literally a real damper.

I don't mind the rain when it is overnight (but not too close to morning traffic peak time though!), simply because it won't hamper any plans. I like the rain to wash away the mosquitoes that otherwise irritate us.

I want to take Caitlin to the Eye on Malaysia this weekend; the giant ferris wheel copycat of the London Eye, likely this Saturday morning, before it moves to Malacca in (end of?) Aug 08. I have missed it a few times already carrying out this plan, and I know Caitlin will enjoy it given she wasn't freaking out when she was on the ferris wheel at Genting.

Anyone keen?

Ann said...

I am looking for some more building blocks for Christopher. Any idea where I can just zoom in and get some cheap ones?

Moomykin said...


Oh that would be quite an experience.

Wish we could go, but we have a very "happening" Saturday this weekend: A birthday party lunch, then a picnic dinner. I don't want to push it. Too much excitement for the boys, I think.

Maybe too much excitement for the parents too. Hahaha...

Moomykin said...


Don't get the cheap blocks. Trust me.

It's really something worth investing in. I bought some cheap blocks and now I wish we had just started with good Lego-duplo. This is because they can really last a long time and you can keep adding on with other theme sets as he grows.

I bought the cheap blocks for Micah when he was 1+ and he still takes them out to play now and then, and keeps him occupied for hours. I am waiting for a sale to get him better blocks. :)