Thursday, 31 July 2008

Sounds Like 'X'-Rated

The boys were playing in the back room while I was folding the laundry.
I was done but they were still playing.

Feeling a little tired on my feet, I said to the boys, "OK. You guys can play here, but I'm going to be in our room."

Micah: What are you going to do, Mommy?
Mommy: I'm going to read a book.
Micah: You mean an adult book?
Mommy: Yes, an adult book.

To Micah an "adult book" are the books Mommy and Daddy read in silence. These "adult books" have no pictures in them, just words, and most of the time he can't get anything "logical" from them even when he asks Mommy or Daddy to tell him what they are reading about.

These are the books he will tell us to stop reading so that we'd play with him. Theses are also the books he sees us slip a bookmark in between and sits on the table for a long time before they get back onto the shelves.

In contrast, kids' books have loads of pictures, they sit in a stack by the bed or in the bag (library ones) and they usually are of their favourite topics: Trains, cars, or something about animals or the human body.

So, Mommy had just finished reading an "adult book" by Philip Yancy and still in the middle of This one - most catchy title! (Yeah, I kinda started on two books at the same time... for different needs of the soul.)

Adult book. Hmmm...


Ann said...

Ahhh...good that you have managed an adult book (and two) !!!

Good that they allowed you time alone to read your adult books!

Moomykin said...


Reading for me is really scarce these days. I can't read any novel or anything too heave as I have pretty long breaks in between and can't remember what was the last thing I read before.

But these two books have been really refreshing. somewhat heart stirring and brain scratching, but good.